2 Conflicting Aspirations


My first and lifelong aspiration is to make money, preferably in a visible fashion but as long as I can achieve high wealth I’d be happy. I have had a good career and earned good money for 20+ years so far. Not enough though! More and more as time has gone by I wish to make a difference to this world. Tired of injustice and / or bureaucracy I’d like to make changes to the world for everyone. I have often thought about challenging laws to change consumer rights, particularly call centres* etc and like a lot of this stuff for its spirit: tpuc.org/

What then stands out is that the efforts one would have to go to in order to achieve the latter seem much longer and have more risk of failure than the former. If I had a way to incorporate both and have exit strategies then I’d be much more inclined. I am on the praecipe of signing up to train in law so maybe that is the gateway to discovery in this respect but for once in my life I am not going to think and plan that far ahead and going to accept the ride for a while and see where it takes me. I could just end up another lawyer in it for the cash :wink:

  • I am astounded that so many call centres are legally allowed to operate in ways that are clearly designed to save them a few pennies at the expense of wasting hours of our time. Surely there is some moral justice in having a level of service standard that penalises the commercial entity when overstepping the line of fairness in respect of the consumers time. It takes ten minutes to deal with the sales department so why should it take 6 hours over 3 weeks to deal with the cancellations department? This is a liberty being taken from us by stealth and the relationship between the cost saving for them and the real, often unseen, cost to ourselves is way out of proportion in my opinion. Rant over lol. :violin:


What you were doing during that 20 years?


Hi Wasabi,

I spent my time in Civil Engineering, mostly design and mathematical modelling. The work itself is ok, as a task, but the industry is rather dull and very inefficient too. If you lookup Civil Engineer in the Yellow Pages (UK) and it reads “See Boring”! I concur.

What about yourself?


So you want to make lots of money. What for? To take it to your grave?

Me? I’m building my house. And sometimes buying new property. Oh and fixing my car. And then ranting with builders about how stupid people are around me. Most of them get pissed off about my speech and leave construction site to never return. Am I a bad manager? Yes. But who cares? I certainly don’t. World is a round place. Wherever they go, they end up coming back where they begun. Once I’m finished with house, I plan to deal with greenhouse business. Dad wans to deal with beekeeping. I want to get into transportation business. Own my own truck and drive it too. Perhaps not for others as a contractor, but ferrying my own stuff. And besides, learning how to maintain a truck and business around it the best I can and the best there ever possible is an exciting thing. Once I have reach that, I will leave truck business and move to something new.

My ideal plan is to try everything that is possible to try at least once. I doubt I can do it all, but I will try my best. That is the point of my life. To hold the entire universe in my head (business, science, mystics…everything). Because if I do that, then there will be no more reason to live. I can die. Death will be a next step (if there is such a thing). If not…then screw it. At least I tried…


Lol, no, not to take it to the grave. The purpose of making lots of money is to stop working and explore the millions of other things that are not work and to ensure a comfortable old age. Similar to yourself I want to do lots and I don’t want to be distracted by having to work but will be happy to put my heart and soul into it whilst I have to, as long as it is not until the day I die.

I am guessing you liked the film Limitless? save the power aspect?


I presume you never did anything outside of Civil Engineering before? (meaning, you have never had to deal with things that do not fall into your professional category, therefore you had to navigate through things that you have no prior understanding).

And can I ask you something else? Why 20 years? Why deal with Civil Engineering for 20 years? Why change of subject now and not 19 years ago? Is it because boring? Or was it boring 19 years ago too? And if it’s boring, then why not change of job long ago? And if you already thought of that, then why are you not already on something else? If you had to work all this time, why you had to put yourself in position that forces you to stay in one place? Why allow things to happen that will eventually cause you to waste lots of your time?

The movie “Limitless” is my most favorite movie. Yes there is an aspect that coincides with me. I do want to reach the level of understanding of the world around me that I can ever have with all the knowledge that I gain. I guess that’s what you mean by power aspect. I don’t know how does that affect my intelligence. Maybe there are things that I will never understand? And what is the intelligence anyway. How does one become more intelligent than the other. Does it mean that if I understand physics and mathematics just as good as any other university professor…that makes me high intelligent person? Is intelligence a collection of certain information? Or just the way of how we put things up together? Maybe the way we put things up together is also a knowledge that we should learn? What if intelligence is not an inherent ability? Something that is transferred by genetics. But something learned? Does that mean that the more information we upload, the more intelligent we become? What is this thing that we call intelligence? What makes one more intelligent than the other? And how does the mind of the most intelligent person work? ıs it faster? Does it have more memory? How can someone calculate things so fast just like savants do? Can we all do that too? And how? All these things are the questions that remains unanswered. And unfortunately I have no resources to pursue them as effectively as I want. That is my limitation. A lifetime that is wasted. A waste that is not recoverable. And who is to blame? Are people who do not participate to take the blame? And if they are, then aren’t I to punish them when I have capability so to settle the account? And does it even worth doing that? And if it does not, then why do we need so many people around us for? What is their purpose of existence? And if they have none, why should I tolerate their existence for? Why their stupidity should be the instrument of my downfall? And if I cannot live this life as I plan to live it through, why should I respect those around me when they fail too? Should I respect them and their values if mine are disregarded and viewed as dangerous? Why is it dangerous for them? Why people have no curiosity? Why curiosity is such a hard thing for them to follow? Why does a person exist for if it is not for maximization of their potential? Why a person who does not care about maximization of their potential also not choose to be dead? After all, a dead person doesn’t care about potential as well. Then what is the point of living if the end result is no different than a dead person? And if that is true, then why a person doesn’t take charge of their life? Perhaps they have no purpose and balls to take the responsibility? Perhaps if they don’t then I should take the responsibility over their lives and decide better what is to make out of it even though it means against their will. After all, their will has failed. It doesn’t any-longer has a power to say something about things.

Okay…my rant is over. You are a civil engineer. Just like the builders who pack their shit and leave before I end my rant.


Your reading of myself is quite off the mark my friend. As for the rest, have you thought about seeing a professional? :laughing:


Thats not a good reply if want to keep a conversation.


This will be the end of our conversing. Take care, be good, be lucky.


Not a smart behavior.

But as you wish.