A small experience with an ISTJ


I'm an INTP. I was seeing an ISTJ for a short bit and I think I scared the crap out of him.
The first night we hung out together, he stuck his hand up my shirt, soon after which I learned that he had no interest in dating or being in a relationship whatsoever (keep in mind that I met this guy through church). There was a steady exchange of text messages between us, at the end of which he was "greatly displeased". LOL. Next thing you know, this guy, who apparently had been adamant about being single for years, is in a couple with the very next girl!
I must say, I don't get out there often. But when I do, I make an impact. Now, if only I, myself, could benefit from these experiences...


Dudes are generally pretty simple.

Now whether or not a guy wants a relationship (With you in particular or in general... Either way, odds are he'll be too much of a wiener to say You in Particular to your face) plays no part whatsoever in whether or not he's willing to stick his hand up your shirt (He does).


Yes, I know how men are (as unfortunate as it may be). I just think it's strange that, right after I accused him of being a player, he goes and commits. An odd thing, wouldn't you say?






I myself had a very bad experience with an ISTJ female. Well, what to say: few words to descript: so mean, hypocrite, and foxy. If it’s nature of a person, then nothing or noone can change:( Poor him/her


ISTJs… I dunno whether I should say we get along fine or the fact that we have lots of miscommunication – to point explosive!

I think we’re better off our own way but I love them as friends at least and want to always keep in good terms with the ISTJs that I know. I just don’t like the hypocrisy or ‘inevitable is meant to happen’ mentality, whatsoever coming from them from time to time. Better to avoid it.


ISTJs are great!

I’ve never had a problem with any ISTJs. I think what’s so fantastic about them is that they are grounded and individualists, and very loyal, once you win their trust. They’re also very honest, straightforward and never manipulative.

Of course, the only problem is they don’t like abstract conversations about philosophy and the meaning of life, but in a working partnership, ISTJs are just the best people to have around.