A world without religion.


That's my dream. Although, I'm pretty certain that I'll never see it, at least within my lifetime.


I would be more than happy to give you hand with that one. Trade you, I'll help you defeat religion, you help me buy my island and set up my foundation.


It’s really big dream). You are ENTJ 100%.


Lobotomise 'em!!


Why would you like this?


For those that want to get rid of religion, I ask them, do they understand the difference between religion and faith? Religion is putting your beliefs to practice and action. Faith is the mental connections of trust that people have with the universe around them, including the supernatural. You can take away religion, you can outlaw it, you can punish those who use it. But you can do none of those things with faith. Simply put, faith is trust. When you sit down in a chair, you use your faith and trust that that chair will not break. Typing on your computer you trust it won’t zap you. Religion is external and faith is internal.
By taking away religion, you take away the way people express their faith. Who are you to deny someone trust? What if, humor me for a moment, what if everyone in the world put their faith in you. And because they put their faith in you, they started building statues of you, and homes that looked like yours. And they saw all of your virtues, and started copying them. The whole world became a hub of peace and prosperity, because they all agreed. Now think that a friend of yours gets jealous, so he starts converting people to act like him, and build statues in his honor. The world then becomes discordant right? People have to start deciding what is right and what is wrong, maybe they start to realize that you still have faults, and they lose faith in you? The world will eventually go right back to how it was before.
If you take away the world’s religions, make them illegal or something, you have to give them something else to follow. Although us ENTJers think we are perfect and all knowing, brain buffs, we have to remember not all people think like we do, nor will they be able to change their thought processes. So once you give them something else to follow, and they realize its not perfect, then what? They’ll start up again with underground movements, and they will go right back to the way it was before.

Because you’re an ENTJer, you may not like what I have to say next. So feel free to stop reading.

Out of all the knowledge in the world, honestly, how much do you know? I’m willing to bet less then 1%. Makes you feel pretty small doesn’t it. I know I don’t, especially because I like to be in control, and on top ( I’m an ENTJ :wink: ) This is why people need a religion and someone or thing to put their faith in. There are so many religions out there. And I only agree with one of them. (and before you get all high and mighty and claim you don’t need religion, just wait. Because EVOLUTION, at least Macroevolution, is a religion.) I have studied religions and being an ENTJ type,I don’t just go for the feel good religions. I go for the ones that make sense the most. I’ll leave you to decided what you want, I can always preach at you another time :wink: … but well I believe that God is real, and I put my faith in Him, and His Son. Questions? sure post a reply. Wanna argue why I’m an idiot, or try to convince me I’m wrong, save your breath (or fingers in this case). I’m not stubborn, I’m just sure I’m right. And I mean 100% sure.


By speaking about God…I presume you talk about Christian/Islamic/Jewish God?

Can you convey him a message from me then? Tell him “Mr. Wasabi asks for a couple of trillion US dollars in cash.” I’m sure it wont be a problem for an omnipotent being. If he asks for a reason…tell him that he’s not a man of reason anyway. He keeps screwing up all the time. No reason is reaquired, he can’t handle reason anyway. And tell him to stop sending stupid books for stupid people. They can’t figure it out for 2000 years now anyway.


I have been an ENTJ since I can remember and I am highly spiritual so I think that saying that a genuine ENTJ is an automatic atheist is incorrect.

As a former atheist, I used to debate Christians and hold the belief that religion has killed more people than any other ideal. The reality however is that far more wars and deaths have been started based on land and population control than religion ever has. Religion has been a platform for some, but not most.

With that said, I am not religious because it is a man made construct but I definitely have a respect for the spiritual.