Advice for a stressed ENTJ


Hi all - I am 22, from Australia, and really struggling to find/stick with a career or even “area” of work. I know ENTJs are prone to regular changes and moving on etc, but is it just me who is incredbly bothered by this?! It causes me a lot of stress to feel “powerless” or like I have lost control of my career direction.

Was a very high achiever in sport and academics at school (studied English, Modern History, Ancient History, Chemistry, Math, Physical Education). Was college captain; my best skills have always been written and oral communication.

I had my own personal training franchise as an 18 year old - I was successful but found it wasn’t really stimulating me intellectually, and I absolutely could not cope being in constant interaction with clients (sometimes I would see 15+ people per day, all with different personalities, I had to communicate with them differently, motivate them, it was EXHAUSTING! ) - I’m the sort of person who thinks that people just get in the way of what I am trying to teach them :stuck_out_tongue:

I started studying Engineering but became very sick and had to withdraw … by the time I was ready to return to University, I decided to do something Health related (everyone was telling me that I was never going to like engineering). Nursing was the only degree available, so thats where I started with a mind to transferring in the new year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything, so I just stuck to nursing and thought that I would study medicine afterwards. The problem was, that the first year and a bit of nursing was a lot of science and epidimiology etc, which I enjoyed. But the second half has been all practicals and vague, conceptual, baseless, pointless nursing theory - which I have HATED!. I sat medical school entrance exams and did very well, but soon after realised that any career in clinical health care would not suit me. I simply dont have the passion or interest to be constantly engaged with sick people. I enjoy a more direct and specific application of my knowledge and skills in a environment that I can control more - not sure if this makes sense… The ironic thing is that I am really good at interacting with patients, facilitators and educators often highlight my empathy and natural capacity to interact and communicate with patients as my best asset - I just dont enjoy it.

I love knowledge - I can enjoy learning about almost anything. I think I still enjoy communicating with people, but in more of a collaborative, professional context. I like the idea of working on large scale projects - so I have investigated paths such as engineering, science, and IT / business systems. Ive noticed that lots of ENTJs are employed in these sectors, but worry becuase I have never really had an interest in IT or math. I was always to busy with sport at school, study didn’t really interest me, even though I was good at it.

Sorry for the info overload, but if anyone has suggestions on strategies or activities I can utilise from here on, I’d love to hear them. Cheers


I’ve been through a few career options recently. I was going to do teaching. But meh. No. Not enough asset value there. I’ve settled on Psychology because I can control who I see and when, I am in a position of power and able to help people, and I can make money doing that which will satisfy my family needs and wants.
I need scope in my life. Psychology has several options. In private practice I will have my nice little set up. I could also work in a team if I wanted to, and in a hospital setting. There is room to move around and change the scenery if necessary…like if I get bored.
I have plenty of scope to study and learn in that field. I understand myself better and my interactions and that helps me to live a better life.
I hope you find something you love. Living a life in a job that isn’t meaningful to you every day would be terrible. Go with your own gut, not what others tell you or think. You know you the best. Your intuition is reliable for you. One thing I have done in the past is listen to others and not to myself, usually with negative results.
Good luck.


I definitely understand what it is to “flounder”. Sometimes it can be hard to decide on a career path especially if you are “naturally” good at many things. One day a took a class with Donald Trump and his son called “Find your Fortune.” When we walked in he gave us a piece of paper and said “Write your 3 favorite things to do in the entire world. you don’t have to get paid just the three things that you do that no matter what else is going on it makes you absolutely happy.” He told us that no matter what it was there was a market for it. We live in a consumer based society.

I took this to hart, and now love what I do, though just like a personal trainer, I suffer all the negative "being in constant interaction with clients (sometimes I would see 15+ people per day, all with different personalities, I had to communicate with them differently, motivate them, it was EXHAUSTING! ) - I’m the sort of person who thinks that people just get in the way of what I am trying to teach them :stuck_out_tongue: … " aspects, but for me that just adds to the challenge. Good news is you did it, and now you know you are not interested in another position like that.

Something else to consider is that your “wealth generating mechanisms” and your “career” do not have to be one in the same. There is nothing wrong with finding a few alternative revenue streams, where you have other people running them for you, saving you time and making you money, and then for your “career” do something that you love that in itself may not actually bring in your desired cash flow.

As a side note, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading the book “The 4 hour work week” by Timothy Ferris. Should point you in a couple directions you might not have thought of.


What you said is actually quite helpful. I am going through the same phase in life with the poster above. I excelled in school, ever since I was a child, I dreamt about ‘taking over’ and ‘ruling’ once I get a job in a company - let me be a little too brash here :wink:

I am so sick of corporate life, and it left me with resentment and nothing more. Who said ENTJs ‘naturally fit into corporate world’?

Being a female, I think it’s also much more difficult as I worked in an industry with mostly women.

I sorted through my interests and things I’m good at. And, I have decided it will be a better life choice to start a small startup on my own. But, I am facing some difficulties, and I am having a hard time thinking straight. On one hand, I know if I put every effort I can, I can manage all the obstacles and make something for myself. But, on the other hand, I am worried hell that I might end up being a failure career/work wise which has been the biggest fear for me in life.

So, I am going through ENTJ forum and reading what other people like me say about work and try to calm down and be motivated which is rather difficult at the moment for me to do. :frowning:

I would like to know if there is any other ENTJs who had similar experiences. Do ENTJs all tend to eventually get out of the depression mode and move on to take over the world?


Of course I can only share my own experiences but I’ve found sales a very enjoyable role for my personality.

The extravert in me loves events, being out, being around people.
The intuitive in me can deliver strategy, think big picture and paint pictures of the future (with me in it)
The thinker clammers for a wide repertoire of facts: features, benefits, competitors, intel, industry.
The Judger pushes for a quick outcome and works well in a fast paced environment.

I don’t think I would enjoy sales for the sake of it eg for less complex or commodity products but for specialised, technical selling (like financial services or engineering sales etc) it’s fantastic.
For now that is!


I have read that a person’s 4th function (least dominant cognitive function) becomes highlighted when a person is stressed. With our 4th function being Introverted Feeling, what is the typical stress behavior as predicted by Jungian psychology? I know that Fi can be grandiosity, and I definitely know quite a few ENTJs (myself included) that can have visions of grandeur from time to time. Is that what happens to us when stressed?