Advice from elders


Any ENTJs out there with experience and maturity that would like to share some wisdom and advice they’d like to share with younger ENTJs? What would you like to have known or think would have helped you when you were younger?


I’m not an elder, but maturity is being a more round individual ( MBTI versatility )
instead of a flat boring oblivious one.

Mature yourself, Build yourself and everything will be induced by such.
Someone posted a history of failure, why did they fail? because they didn’t mature their feelings. It’s said in the post.
He didn’t take care of his psychological self and everything turned out to be a burnout.


Be aware of the effect of what you say and how you say it has on others. ENTJ’s carry a great power within them when it comes to words. Resist the temptation to be overly flippant or novel in what you say - you might be surprised by how much you can hurt other types with a clever phrase or two.

Don’t overly rely on your primary extroverted thinking function - try to loosen the reigns and allow your internal intuition to inform your decisions. The most logical decision is not always the best decision. That little nagging feeling pulling at the back of your mind is trying to tell you something - do yourself a favor and listen to it.

Finally, try to develop your last function, introverted feeling, by building a set of internal guidelines based on empathy and understanding. This does not come easy to an ENTJ as we have a tendency to always rely on the most rational and efficient course of action. Our actions and thoughts are not naturally bound by societal or personal ethics based on emotional considerations of others.

But, if you take the time to slowly build this function within yourself (it can feel like a serious pain at times and total drag during other), it can be infinitely rewarding. Your ability to relate to others and see their perspective will continuously grow, and allow you to share your unique gifts and perspectives in away you never thought possible. You feel more and more comfortable and authentic as this function strengthens.