Affinity with SPs


I find that my close friends tend to be NTs and SPs. I really like hanging out with SPs, and share some type of 'thrill seeking' mentality with them, but not to the same extent. Counter to most of the literature on the subject, I find it easier to deal with SPs than NFs - I guess having utilitarianism in common is stronger than sharing intuition/ introspection (i.e. N).

Anybody else have a similar experience?


Yes I have a couple of SP friends. I especially like the ESTPs. I love NFs too if they're not too sensitive.




My wife is an ISFP. Reading about her designation has taught me a lot. I used to think she was just obnoxious and scatterbrained. Now I realize it can be a great advantge to me. She can help me expand my opposite tendencies.
Many time she has said "did you not think how that would make someone feel?" She, being an F, would naturally consider that first. Me? I would never have thought about it until she brought it up. I just get surprised that folks act so negatively to what I thought was help!

We have been married 38 years and i finally am understanding how she thinks. It is not wrong, just different.

Roger b.


It took you 38 years to finally gain some insight into the way that she thinks, and even still you could only accomplish this feat with help from a very general, unspecific MBTI test?

You sound like a shitty husband or a non-ENTJ.



Strange is i can co-operate with SPs, normally male SPs. Maybe i dont be friend with female much?Some ESTPs just make my competitiveness goes higher, especially female. ESTP in socionics is beneficiary with ENTJ. They normally are attracted and respect ENTJs. ISFPs are ok, witty, even ESFPs. SPs in general are very tactful. I can learn much from them. However, to gain a high trust, it would be different.


I do. SPs are good friends to go out and ‘thrill seek’ with. Also SP girls are lots of fun. ^^

But I can’t deny the fact that there’s always something “missing”. There are some activities that I just can’t share with them. I don’t see myself as the boyfriend of a girl who’s not a NT or at least a NF with a very well-developed T. The same goes to my circle of REAL best friends (currently composed of one ENTP and one INTP).

I rationalize things all the time because I’ve concluded that this is the most efficient way to go about things. So, frankly, the presence of people who don’t share that view and won’t accept that just becomes annoying after extended periods of time.


ESTP and ISTP are my most favourite SPs for activities and on-the-surface conversation. I find ISTPs the most interesting SP type, personally, and ESTPs I tend to have a weird understanding about them… they can be good friends if they try. My dad is an ESTP, and he is the only ESTP I get along properly with. He’s soooo funny, inner-child, caring, good intentions deep down… but just difficult to handle sometimes… I just avoid.

But there is always definitely something missing with ISTPs and ESTPs. We do fall on different paths.

ESFPs are good friends in doses. There is a mutual understanding somewhere. I can get them to talk about some things seriously, once in a while. It’s refreshing to get to know how differently they deal with almost the same things. But I guess we don’t do well working together to develop something further. They are AWESOME for hanging out with, though. They’re almost always up for some cooking, or going out and what not. In doses they’re good. Can get tiring for me eventually.

ISFPs are nice to hang out with. I have plenty of them friends. But sometimes I feel like they stare at my every action too much :open_mouth: ESFPs do the same. Maybe it’s a Se Fi thing. Dunno :confused:


Obviously want to stare at my every action too much because they like doing so and you are part of that reason (obviously).