Am I an ENFP or an ENTJ?


Also, I’m incredibly paranoid about everyone’s intentions when I’m unhealthy. I think I’m fairly healthy now though.


Oops my bad. I didn’t word that clearly, sorry. :blush:

By the way, the term ‘shadow functions’ is an unfortunate choice of words, imo. Shadow calls to mind something dark and unhealthy. :cry: But they are merely the less preferred side of each dichotomy. If anything, they are friendly helpers we can rely on in times of trouble. Instead of picturing something dark and ominous, I’d rather picture them as a guardian angel, a fairly godmother, or Santa’s elves. :smiley:

It’s probably a long shot, but there is some possibility that you’re using a different set of functions today (shadow) than what you’ve used in the past. Some clues about your actual type could be uncovered by reviewing your past personality traits to identify any differences from how how you are now. I’m proposing that your true type might be one of the types below. Read about each one and look for anything that corresponds to what you remember about yourself in the past.

I hope I did a better job of explaining myself this time! :wink:





Hmm, I see. I definitely acted ExFJish in the past. I’m very Fe-ish when I’m stressed but the healthier I get, the less I care about harmony. I don’t act like an INTP when I’m stressed out at all.


I’ve been unhealthy for around 7 years but I’m pretty I’m fairly healthy now.


Ah the fact that you get Fe-ish when stressed may be important. Sometimes the most efficient path to discerning type is identifying the inferior. When you are in an unhealthy state, the inferior will become obvious! :smiley: Let’s look in another direction. Not all, but some of your answers fit ISTP. ISTPs are among the most sociable of introverts and they are known for being apathetic. Any interest in technology? Are you athletic?



I thought about that but I’m don’t think I’m a Sensor. Neither, to be honest. I don’t focus on the present moment at all, everything has to do with my 40 year goals/plans. I’m oblivious to my external environment and I focus on the future constantly. I’m not too action-oriented.


And is everything you’ve stated about yourself pretty persistent throughout your life? Take your time and keep thinking on this. I’ll be interested to know if you note any significant personality changes that would have happened gradually over time. When it happens, it can be quite a challenge to see it, it’s not the kind of thing that you could realize immediately. Remember, use of the shadow functions happens without conscious awareness, it’s elusive.


Yup, definitely. I was the same way throughout my single digit years too. Also, I’ve definitely been more at peace with myself this year than I have in the past 2/3 years at my unhealthiest.


Well chew on it a bit and I will ask INTP for more feedback. In the meantime, I’m concerned about what you said here: “I am haunted by the past and tend to think about my memories constantly.” Intrusive thoughts are a symptom of PTSD. You really should be evaluated by a mental health professional for it. It can cause serious suffering and disruption to your life. You avoiding situations that trigger you?


I think about the past very negatively and I remember bad things after they’ve happened a long time ago and nobody but me remembers anything. I’ve never experienced nostalgia in my life. I honestly can’t since I still live in an abusive household and a sexist, violent smalltown.


Ouch. :cry: I’m so sorry to hear that. You mentioned being apathetic and never experiencing nostalgia, which could be part of the numbness of PTSD. An untreated anxiety disorder could be making it difficult to type yourself. Even though you’re not in crisis, these symptoms are probably affecting your life more than you realize. Do you have anyone you trust in your extended family who would help with this? Or is there a counselor at school? Another option is you could discuss these symptoms with your family doctor. Fortunately, it’s treatable. I hope you’re not in any danger right now.


Thank you for your compassion. Maybe, I’m not sure, it’s definitely possible. Nope, they don’t speak the same language as me nor am I close to them. The counselors at school don’t seem to want to discuss personal issues nor am I fond of having heart-to-heart talks with people I barely know. Sadly, I’m not allowed to spend time alone with a doctor. I’m in any serious danger but I can’t wait until I move out and start my life.


Hopefully you don’t have PTSD. If there is a healthier living situation among your family and friends, there might be a face saving excuse you could use for asking your parents to move there. Think about it.

Recall from your earliest memories, and tell me which activities energized you the most. How/what did you play? What subjects in school did you enjoy and why? Tell us about your study habits. What do you do for fun and what relaxes you? Have you had many opportunities to express yourself in a creative way? Give specific examples and as much detail as you can please.


Probably not, actually I haven’t been thinking about my negative past memories too often for around 3 months which is rather great. Most abusive parents aren’t going to let their kids move away.

I had fun going on walks thinking about my thoughts. Sadly, I got lost a lot because I was so involved in my thoughts…I never played with toys because I got bored of them easily. I read, drew, and did craft projects and I still do to this day. I find it fun and I think it contributes to me being well-rounded. I always chose a subject to be the best at in school since I was really competitive and liked being the expert. It was Math all throughout elementary school and I always did assignments in our workbook ahead of time and found out little tricks. I liked to understand how exactly things worked when it came to that subject. I never studied though. I winged it when it came to tests and I got A’s. I consider studying a waste of time since I don’t need it. I liked to create things and read. Somewhat, I have to push my parents into buying things but not too much.


You sound like you’re coping well. Since home life is unhappy, in the future, consider after school activities and/or employment to get yourself out of the house. Keep going on those long walks and enjoying art and crafts, great for stress relief! You need a few friends, so work on that.

As for your type, I’m still seeing INFP, possibly INTP. Keep reading about those two types.


I am. Thanks for the advice. I have two close friends but they don’t live near me. I like having acquaintances better.

After reding articles, taking tests, and browsing forums, I’ve decided that I am an ENTJ. I am a definite dominant Je user and I use Fi. ExTJ. I live for the future and nothing I do is in the here and now. Intuition. ENTJ.


You sure seem like a judger right now, wanting to close the deal, haha. I don’t know how far you want to delve into MBTI but I thought of you when I saw this channel the other day. Hope you enjoy it.


Haha yes, I definitely want to make decisions right away. I hate keeping options open strongly and nothing annoys me more than indecisive people. That’s kind of you, thanks!


I’m starting to doubt my type again. sigh


What are you thinking it is now? You’re young so it can be hard at this age.