Am I Entj or Enfp


The thing is, I have no idea what’s my actual type. I can relate to both Ne and Ni and I have quite strong Te. Some people typed me as xntj or Enfp with very strong Te. My enneagram is 9w8 and tritype 935 (3w4 and 5w4)

Could you guys help me through this? I am so confused.

Give a holler if you need any informations, I will answer them all.


You are an ENFP, you just use your Te child to interact (which is normal for people to use there child function when interacting with others) as well as you can tell in the way that you wrote your question.


How come you get to that conclusion very fast? I used to think that I am an enfp for 18 months . Now , I can see very clearly that I relate to entj more than to enfp . However ,I am curious to know your typing strategy; as for me , I used type grid to determine my type . What’s your strategy ?