An 18 year old billionaire in the making.


My life goal is to make a profound impact on society.

If you’d like to envision me, I am a very strange person. I make people think of me as unique. Commonly, people refer to me as the type who would “own casinos”, “be the next Mark Zuckerberg”, and even “A kid who always has a plan, a big plan, one who’s going to be paying his own college tuition.”

I don’t believe college is the right place for me, it’s not the place where I can successfully devote all of my time to my passion: Entrepreneurship.

For those of you who noticed my username, the title of “billionaire” means nothing to me- but it means everything at the same time. I don’t care about money. I care about my impact I make. The natural outcome of leaving a positive impact on others, via service, is always going to be money. Becoming a “Billionaire” is a title implicating you helped change the world.

I am 18 years old and I am in the process of creating an on-demand application for iOS devices. I taught myself how to code from scratch. This is my current state. I’ve devised the whole system, now it is just time to complete the app and execute. I plan on finishing this app before the end of 2015. I will finish it soon, as I have ultimate dedication to this project.

The day after my I came up the idea of my business, I walked out the coffee shop and coincidentally found a $20 bill on the ground:dance: . That day, a new part of me was born. My life would change as I began to build the business that would take me to far places. Later that day, the love of my life sat next to me in a basketball game…I know it’s not a big deal, but this girl never even knew I existed. It was just something great and unusual that occurred, a coincidence that followed the last one. The following day, I went to the movies. I asked a stranger behind me to lend me a nickel since I was short of it at the register. This man was about 50 years old, with his family. He enthusiastically said yes, then told his children “This guy right here, he’s going to be a billionaire CEO one day!” out of nowhere. I was stunned at these odd events, but hey, I guess it’s just a coincidence.

I envision success in a very particular way. Picture a long, narrow road in the middle of a vast desert. What you see in the skyline is pure mountains in all directions. You see the road expand for what seems like forever. Your stuck. You have no car. No way of moving forward with speed. You have no water, no food, you have nothing! To your left, you see a 10 foot green sign with the text “LAS VEGAS: 100 MILES AHEAD.” What do you do?

You learn. You learn how to move through the road. You adapt. You problem solve. You ask questions to yourself. Every brilliant person asks many questions. How am I going to reach Vegas when it’s so far away? How long will this take? How will I do this without assistance? You figure this out. You find a way to construct something that will take you to Vegas. You hitchhike onto a vehicle that was passing, 5 miles so far. You reach an intersection. The driver tells you he’s turning left, and it’s time for your journey to begin. “Take this bike,” he says, “Anything that moves you forward.” You now have a bike, this will make everything easier. How did you acquire this bike? Finding an opportunity (The vehicle passing) and taking advantage of it (hitchhiking). Of course, there is a risk involved in hitchhiking…but successful people take risks. Successful people aren’t intimidated by the 95 miles left, they plan a scheme to conquer it. In the end, you reach Vegas. All by bike, and some hitchhiking along the way. Your legs ached and ached as you worked on that dreaded bike, but you made it where you were trying to go. You made it.

When you work hard & smart, there’s nothing that can stop you. Everyone can make it big. We are all individuals with the power to create, the power to innovate, & the power to assist others. The more you can do this the more you will succeed. Make connections. Build an entity. Make something. Become SOMEONE. CHANGE THIS SHITTY WORLD.