Analyzing temperaments in the Republican primary


So far, this is what I see:

My man Ron Paul - ENTP, very professorial in many of his answers, extremely P (uses phrases like “may not be” and “possibly”, always exploring possibilities). Far too extroverted to be an INTP. Definitely fits ENTP crazy genius stereotype. Haven’t come across an INTP politician ever, for that matter.
Mitt Romney - ESTJ, the ‘good student’, responsible family man, gracious competitor, pillar of the community who values cooperation far above any kind of intellectual consistency. Thinks of becoming President as a ‘promotion’, has no fixed ideology, believer in ‘best practices’ and ‘common sense’, whether or not they apply to a situation.
Newt Gingrich - ENTJ, by instinct, the best debator of the bunch, always on the attack, policy wonk, grand ideas, extroverted utilitarian J, sadly opportunistic and values winning over scruples
Rick Perry - ESFJ? too out-of-step to be an artisan, too S to be an N. Does not seem to be able to respond in debates fast enough to be Te, but still definitely extroverted. Seems to have Fe responses during debates.

Can’t take Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum seriously enough to analyze.


Oh my god, I confused Romni and Ron Paul :astonished: what am I reading!

The best ENTJ donation to humanity: Create political parties for the only purpose of dividing idiots to allow for good good government divisions to atteign majority in total. ( and not cooperating with other bad parties with your informant bad party./ :pray:

This some serious shit, but whose going to do it?

Right now we have a 30% voted totalitarian Harper Government in Canada ( Changed official name from Canada government, seems more legit now )

Thank to the Supreme court we can still vote in a (what is now after him) a broken election.

He failed in every aspect for this country, except bringing the Oligarch’s and helping Israel in contempt of Canada.
Yeah I can developp./rant