The worst emotion ever it would appear… I suffer lots of rage on a daily basis when I am interrupted by outsiders to my inner domain… It does not work when people refuse to provide space to me, and the problem with this is the fact that I need time to recover, yet people continue to fail me constantly… It does not seem to matter much, but I am completely neglected as I attempt to seek resolutions in vain… I do not understand why my mother will not see things my way, and continues to flaunt her ego… She doesn’t understand that I am required to have privacy for my conditions, and I require understandings… Instead I get the worst racket outside imaginable… This is the worst thing ever as things continue to frustrate me to ends… I only want people to cooperate with me instead of overwriting me constantly… This is absurd… I am constantly seeking pain relief, and failing to receive it constantly… Its like nobody cares for the pain I endure daily… It seems odd that this always happens to me constantly… It turns me into a raging monster when people refuse to take me seriously when I am griping about issues that are severe to me… As the pain is always constant, and the distractions of course… There is never solace in such an empty existence of mine… One would think this nightmare finished already instead of me being harassed by parasites outside my window… They continue to frustrate me daily, and I wish they would leave me alone… It does not make sense to have bugs interrupting me constantly when I require services… They always make music in cars, and always leave engines running constantly… Their behavior is appalling… If only they would just go away instead of causing me problems all the time… I only want peace and silence… Just peace and silence… Just cool air, and fresh breeze… I enjoy the quite time of my existence… The need for understanding and peace of mind in this time of overcharging… I will need to express my frustrations thoroughly if this keeps up… I cannot perceive why music is constant, and activity so needless outside… It makes me so frustrated when everyone demands action from me, this is wrong… I do not act, they act… I do not look like a actor… So I expect distance from obstacles that demand too much from me all the time… I only want respect and distance… The noise is constant, and I only wish I wasn’t dealing with it… The better life would be me out of this hell… So I can do whatever… Instead of false expectation… False concepts… False commitments… Somebody more important… Something better… None of this mess… The noise is constant, and I need help in dealing with it…


Did you want a reply? Really, you just need to take time to consider the other’s point of view. It will take you out of your comfort zone, but we are the minority, so just try it
Also, Listen to soft/ instrumental music, not sad or nostalgic music with words, because that will scratch at an already open wound (emotion)


Thanks for the replies… You are right I need to go out of my comfort zone again… I am really suffering… The anxiety I am experiencing right now is enormous, and I need a place to vent it out… I am thinking this is a good place to start, but I am having problems coming to terms with reality, but now I have no choice, as the pain is too great, and I cannot do enough to solve my problems, and so I need to vent out the pain, and get to the point of it… I will continue to do so, and work on my emotions, they are tearing me apart.