Angiographic Catheters


As a true ENTJ, not like most of the wannabes(ESTJ), I am finally making strides to my ultimate goal. First step was inevitable however it was a surprising one once obtained.

I make angiographic catheters for largest privately owned medical company. My first interview, I truly aced it. Although I sounded like I was selling myself out due to my ENTJ personality, I was not. I literally said I will be #1 in production numbers within 6 months, considering my mother was fastest at the time. No one else was even half of her speed. I was hired almost immediately. Once hired, I was placed on standard eight weeks training, however, they made an exception for me and completed my training in 7 days due to my excellent ability to absorb every single info and analyze (like you ENTJs know). I then became second fastest in just a mere month. As of now, this is my fifth month. I am not only fastest at the local company but nation wide. This company is a world wide company and I am fastest. There are employees who have worked for 30 years - no contest. There are polymer extrusion engineers that I can teach few things about making catheters. I find it interesting that this man has 27 years experience learning many things from me.

Just thought I’d share my pride in my first step to success. My ultimate goal won’t be disclosed, though. It’s far too original to be shared - the kind that can obliterate competition of big name companies.


Good for you man. I think its pretty cool to feel good about achieving something exceptional (as long as you did it because you wanted to, and because it made you happy, and you would have done it even if nobody else cared, otherwise the happiness doesn’t last). Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes - “I keep thinking that parties are intended to be celebrations, and celebrations should only be for those who have something to celebrate.”


It is especially cool to feel good about achievements. I’m deaf and was bottled down for so long. An abusive father, and very difficult ex-girlfriend that put me down constantly. I never knew how to deal with the feelings and I just recently discovered that ENTJs really don’t deal with feelings well. Thanks to research I have learned few methods to deal with it and have practiced a few times.

Now that I am free, I am thriving and shinning. It’s an extraordinarily cool feeling. Almost feels god-status. Today, I applied for small but big enough loan to obtain two apartments to increase cash flow and repeat this step using previous apartments as collateral until desired flow to fuel the ultimate goal. Rental properties seems like a very secured way to generate cash.

Ever since I had this plan, in my young 20s(I’m 27 now), I have always had one fear. Am I way too focused on generating cash and not paying attention to personal life?


I don’t know the answer. But I do know I did the same thing, and wish I was more focused on what made me happy instead. The two were not mutually exclusive, but sometimes they conflicted - e.g. I didn’t take nearly as much time off as I should have; skipped a few too many parties and vacations, didn’t make enough time for health and fitness, family etc. None of these were obligations, just things that would have made me happier than spending a little extra time at work.

So thats what, for whatever its worth.


Reading through lines I have come to conclusion that this is all dull and boring. I mean, becoming the fastest corporate employer…how is that an achievement? You are still a corporate slave. What is original in that? Yeah I have did and I have done that. So what? It’s not yours after all. Besides, where is the fun in this all? I mean, you build catheters or whatever and then what? It’s not yours.

For example, I expected something like that.

A client who didn’t receive a catheter complains. “You must give me a piece of that, I have a dieing father” etc…and your response “Well…No…yes No! NO! NO! Muahahahaha!”. Now that’s fun. Isn’t it? Creating something useful is one thing, using it to the best of abilities is another. If you want to really feel powerful, learn the ways of the force. Don’t be fool.

“Cathether please…pleaaaaseeeeeeee!”…“No muahahahaha! Go die!”.


Yeah, I’m in the same boot. I can’t balance things out.

There’s a very wide variety of catheter materials and forms. New forms and material are constantly coming. I’m not going to just be a production guy, the company wants me to grow and offered me reimbursement to major in polymer extrusion engineering and design new catheters, tools to produce catheters, etc… After my 6 month period, I’m going to be a trainer and train new people. They are considering to make me a group leader when they hire more people. Not to mention, I am getting up to one dollar raise every quarter for three years based on performance and most people just get 0 to 20 cents while max is one dollar. They only give one dollar raise if I am in excellent category (151+ % production) and I am thrice that.

There’s a tremendous growth for me with this company. No, I’m not going to stick with production title. Even if I was stuck at production title, that’s fine. I originally only wanted a job to fuel my ulterior motive.

“Don’t be fool.”


I don’t know how old you are. I used to be enthusiastic at finding out how far can I go. Just like you. But today, I’m not concerned about that anymore. I already found out how far can I go, and the only thing that I want to do now, is to earn money. No more finding out, experimenting etc, just my own business however the small it can be. And then grow on that business rather than on someone else’s.


Reading is fundamental. I suggest revising your MBTI.

My age was mentioned. Also, my goal is not based on this company - nowhere did I say it was based on this company. If only you read.

Congratulations on your small business of an already saturated niche with no potential to grow. This is what I got reading between the lines of your post. You are also struggling with your business. I can play your game, only that I am better and far more accurate. Hope my caliber isn’t terrifying and welcomes you to further humiliate yourself.


Hahaha! Hey I like your attitude.

I didn’t looked very carefully on the age that you type there. Actually it doesn’t really matter that much.

Maybe you have grown up in different environment than I am. I’m not really trusting with anything that I have to large companies. Even with my smallest idea. Even if it means using them to slingshot myself somehow.

LOL at your comment about my business. I’m not offended. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. No worries, was good laugh to read your comment on it. I don’t think your caliber is any higher than mine. If you think your “high” caliber worth anything while you work for someone else, I wouldn’t consider you in the same caliber as I am.

But I understand your need to feel superior, as it already gives away your distress about your situation. Perhaps you do realize that you are not in total control of it. That why you attack before attacked. No worries, I hope it turns out the best for your benefit. But I won’t hold my breath on it. Being a corporate slave, is after all a slave.

Thanks for good laugh.


Thanks, but doesn’t mean much - don’t care.

It’s as clear as day. It does matter that much as reading is extremely fundamental. You do know what they say about assumptions. To avoid making said assumptions, one must read. Many things you have said are easily debunked if you read & comprehend.

Most definitely did grow up in different environment than you did. I’m a very well endowed kind of guy, like a true ENTJ I am. I have developed tolerance for various things - including idiots much like you. Don’t take this personal, just going by facts. (Idiot == IQ of 20 or less.)

Once again, reading is fundamental. I am merely working for a company to fuel my ultimate goal. My own independent, privately owned company with a very unsaturated niche.

I’m sorry about your business. Just a tip, most successful business owners started off just like you. But the difference is, they knew when to stop the business and try something new.

I am already superior so the feeling the need of superiority is not there. You have already proved to be much inferior - refer to your logic and grammar and forceful laughs.

I attacked before being attacked? Did you even bother to read your own posts? Perhaps you forgot what you said.

Everyone is a corporate slave, including CEOs. So are you. It’s just that I know I am not stuck and can climb up.

You’re most welcome although forceful laughs do not count as “good” laugh.

This most definitely was not the direction I want the thread to go to. I’m guessing you’re the resident troll.


Sure. But I still like it, even if you don’t care. Haha!

I’m confident that you will survive that much. Relax.

Then I hope to learn new things from you Mr.Wizard. Oh and I’m sure there are far worse idiots out there to deal with. Talking to me is not the wors thing you could do. I hope you can teach me tolerating them though.

Fine if you say so. That must be environmental difference.

Hahaha! And you are trying to tell me the difference of assumptions.

I will let you believe that. Just for the fun of it.

LOL! Maybe.

I don’t think so.

Interesting. So I’m tugging you?

I dont force it out dont worry.

I was called like that alot. You may join sayers if you want. But I dont consider myself as a troll. Of course you do not care…which is fine bt the way.


Okay. I don’t need your reassurance or anyone’s. I was as relaxed as ever during this post. This time too. Assumptions.

Never said you were the worst among all of the idiots I have met. Reading is fundamental.


My assumption was based on reading and comprehending your posts. I have strong psychological background and can tell when someone is trying to be overconfident to appear to be telling the truth.

I don’t need your permission at all. If you haven’t noticed yet, I go by facts and evidences to back up my statements.



Once again, reading is fundamental. Comprehension comes into play with reading. You obviously did not comprehend the intent of using the quote. Read it again, I’m confident you can comprehend after few rounds of reading my post again.

Why would I worry about you? You can die for all I care. You won’t be missed, I promise.

It was literally my first time calling someone a troll. I literally mean literally. Nice to meet you, troll.

Everything you have said so far is proof that thinking isn’t your main function. It’s feeling. Revise your MBTI.


Apparently it does not take long for newcomers to figure out the troll thing.