Another Big Dream -ART


Having read a few “Big Dreams” I thought I’d share my own; I felt this would be extra relevant and helpful because I am actively working on/pursuing this dream as I am currently in college.
What is my goal/dream?
I would like to work in the movie industry. I’m not 100% on EXACTLY what part I’d like to be involved with, but I am leaning towards props. I have always been in love with the creativity, entertainment, escapism, and storytelling of movies and I love watching “making of” extras and I feel drawn to the process.
I have always been an artist and was never attracted to (commercial) gallery art such as painting, drawing, pottery, etc…(although I am proficient in them and do not particularly dislike them) I have always felt the need to be more constructive with whatever I do with my art. In essence, I have never seen making art objects to sell as decorative items as an attractive prospect.
I find sculpture and performance art to be very pure and I also find film and cinematography to be invigorating and fascinating.
What experience do I have/ how am I realizing this dream?
I have taken multiple sculpture classes (Human figure study, nonrepresentational, and assemblage, as well as bronze casting, welding, and general casting) and a videomaking course and plan on continuing taking more classes. I know more about the casting process and metalworking than I do woodworking, but plan on learning more skills relevant to my interests.
I worked in a glass casting foundry in Iowa over the summer and learned a lot about foundry operation. I was working for a boss I respected and discovered that 9-5 is a very difficult working schedule that leaves little to no leisure time that isn’t spent resting or doing domestic chores.
This is my third year of college and things are going swimmingly! I feel generally satisfied and confident about my future. My classes are challenging and fulfilling and I feel like I am in charge of my life and that things are going well. I feel more and more focused towards my goal the longer I take classes. This forum has helped me to focus some of my strengths and be more driven and self-aware, so there’s a little shout-out.
Here’s a little more info on my prospective dream options. I could become a “prop master” the person in charge of creating, buying, and setting up props for movies. I could also work in costumes (prostetic designs). I could also start a business that specializes in high-end custom costumes (for cosplayers and rich Halloweeners) Or just involed in some other way in movies.
After I graduate I plan on either going to grad school, a tech school for certain movie things (makeup etc…) and then (if not immediately after graduating/ skipping further education) interning in Burbank or Georgia and working my way up into departments.
So far as personal life goes, I could live a tortured artist life and go it alone, but I get lonely and would prefer living with close friends, being in a committed live-in relationship, or just plain married. I don’t feel needy, but even another human being in the room every once in a while is far preferrable to me than excessive privacy. There’s a strange stress to extended solitude that I don’t really care for, not that I don’t enjoy personal time. =)
I know some people that plan-on and enjoy living alone and I understand that that is a totally valid option, but I don’t think I could function well at all living that way. I have lived with others and by myself before.
So far as children go, I’m not opposed to the idea, but I do understand that your life changes completely when you become a parent, and would choose to have any later in my life, at least once I’d had time to establish a career/home whatever AND after I’d given it a great deal of thought.
And my measure of success isn’t monetarily based. If you spend so many hours of your life at work you might as well enjoy it; to me success is about enjoying life and how you spend your time. I would spend disposable income on traveling, good food, and good times!
Let me know what you think of things so far and my plans for the future. And feedback or advice is welcome! :slight_smile: