Any ENTJs who are 60 and older?


I was 16 when I discovered the letters ENTJ. Knowing and understanding the implications of the those four letters at a young age has been very helpful in all aspects of my life. I’m now completing the final turn on twenties street, and coming up on 30th avenue. Many of my qualities that existed then, exist today, and will remain with me until i’m six feet under. But as of recent, much of my life(style) is changing because of my ENTJ qualities.

I’m interested in understanding how recognizing your personality traits as an ENTJ has benefited your life, and also how life/knowledge/experience has affected you as an ENTJ over the course of time.

Btw, you can also send me a message if you’re not comfortable with posting to this thread. Who knows, maybe you’re not comfortable disclosing your age, or whatever other reason. Send me a message instead. :smiley:


This is a great idea for a thread, but I don’t think there’s anyone here over 40, let alone 60.

I suspect ENTJs become wiser, less arrogant and overbearing as they age.


@ Ace,

About the age, I suspected that as well after reading many different threads on this forum. But it was, and still, worth a shot in gathering some insight from a fellow ENTJ.

As to what to expect with an ENTJ who is older, there are so many possibilities. LOL :laughing:


Hey! there is one in this forum.
Actually, people must have to learn how to act and use words with older people. At least it’s way to behave in real life, the way that i find mostly lack of when you interact in forum ( due to noone knows how old the other person is )


I’m nearing 30. And I can say those who haven’t hit the professional world yet and still in college are effn morons. I know, they’re ENTJs and I need to root for them, but they’re impatient as hell. Patiences does come with age.

I’m adamant to assume that with age for an ENTJ, hopefully the do become wiser along with being less of an asshole along with working out their flaws. or Weakness on their profiles.

I do have a friend who is four years older and he’s still an impatient brat. Horrible at listening. I know many ENTJs who work out those flaws, but this fucker is always in my face and demanding an answer that he’s premeditating and yet he has no expertise on the subject. Sadly, he’s in his final year at UCSF School of Med. He’s going to be an asshole doctor and I have a feeling that he’ll have several complaints against him someday.


Are you indicating that you’re 60 or older, or are you suggesting that you know someone on this board who is 60 and older? Please clarify.

I somewhat understand your comment. Please clarify if my following comment is incorrect.

I come from an ethnic background where addressing the elderly is done so very differently than the Canadian culture. Also, as to your comment of how to use words with older people, i’m not 100% certain as to what your sentence implies. If MY words happen to be to direct (or abrasive), then I apologize if that be the case. But do give me some leniency. As you well know that ENTJs make a very conscious effort to be as concise as possible, written or orally. So when it comes to a posting forum, sometimes our words can be interpreted negatively due to the lack of body language and tone that is often displayed in conversations.

Nevertheless, do share what you mean by “how to act and use words”. I’m interested in understanding your comment.


“Patience does come with age.” and experience.

As for younger ENTJs being effn morons, somewhat. In my opinion, it’s much more complex than being impatient, and more so do with the fact that an early age we [ENTJs] can be startled by two types of information:

  1. The details taught during the academic journey (grade school, high school, college/university), combined with;
  2. The theories that we intuitively conceptualize from both the academic sources of information and plus our own personal research conducted outside of the classroom, and then… trying to not only understand all this information as a whole but also how we [as an individual] apply ourselves in this world with that information.

It can be confusing to say the least, and as you pointed out, it takes time, experience, and patience to overcome such matters.


ah, maybe i was wrong, not that 60 that person is. im not 60, but will be in a few more decades :slight_smile:
i come from a culture that has very strict rules for youngers to act towards old people. So you have to use words in an educated way to talk to them even when you are in conflict.
Your words are not abusive or something like that. Just what i noticed from other places ( especially in forums). Maybe because forums are the places where people show their real thoughts, hence their real person, not that like in real life when they have to wear some mask ?

yep. everyone should, not just ENTJs, and learn to have self awareness to work out and overcome those things.


Partially agree. It goes both ways.


What do you agree and what dont you agree?