Anybody here part of the tech startup world?


As I find myself wading deeper and deeper into the tech startup world, I’m wondering if anybody here is doing similar stuff?


I’m very interested as well.

I interned at BancVue, a top ten most technologically disruptive start ups in the financial tech industry, before. That company had 1000% growth and was making at least some 40 million dollars per year. The CEO was a pretty interesting guy having become CEO right out of college. I still keep in touch.


Good stuff! BancVue seems awesome, checked out their website, they have a huge market. God knows community banks could use the help to suck less at being in the 21st century. I have business accounts at a couple community banks and cannot stand how backward they are, would love for them to sign up for BancVue. For that matter, CapitalOne sucks too, so I guess their market isn’t just community banks.

What are you doing these days, are you working on any tech projects? I have a couple really small ones, being iterating projects for about 2 years now, feel like it keeps getting better and I’m close to my first successful one. We’ll see. What are your interests in this space?


My interests are pretty broad and far. Mainly, I’m very interested in emerging technologies that can disrupt the former market and create new markets especially in the biotech space.

A past interest include mass customization + cocreation. With the help of technology, this allowed customers to build products to their own liking like Dell laptops today. I decided not to pursue this in favor of a better scalable business model in software development.

I’m on a break right now on entrepreneurial and/or intrapreurial projects. Having recently graduated, I’m looking for a IT business analyst position so that I can get a good feel for software development. Once I get this, I have a pretty good network of advisers to help guide me through.

If it isn’t to much privacy to ask, what projects are you working on?


My current project is trying to find the most lucrative online market that I can benefit from. I don’t want to waste time on projects that take too much time, as my family is much more important. But I certainly don’t want to not make the most of my opportunities as well. If anyone has great ideas about the best online business let me know. I’m not into selling face to face either. Productive investments are my thing.


There is a sea of business ideas on the internet. Usually, the right one gives the best fit and best profit. No one can know what’s right for you except you. It’s typical that running any business requires a lot of commitment. You could try to find a market that integrates well with your life. Try working backwards from the most important thing and try to find an online market for it.

Sorry for the unhelpful advice but the best business idea really depends a lot on self awareness.

There should be an ENTJ business discussion forum specifically for members to encourage more of the deeper and engaged business discussions. I like the direction this forum is going with it’s less emphasis in attracting people from other larger forums and more on getting stuff done.


Interesting. I am an adviser for a couple of biomedical device startups, and am more deeply involved with a couple of small software startups. One of these is a data collection and analysis service for a specific business market, and the other is a consumer service which I will be excited to showcase as soon as we get it working (hopefully in a month). I own some commercial real estate businesses, but there is nothing as scalable as software. If you ask me, the best way to get in is to actually code something yourself - the challenge for me in doing that is that coding is a little too solitary an activity for me, but I’m making myself do it anyway, and the rest of my team is focused on coding anyway.

Good luck with it, would be interested to hear where you go with it.


If coding is lucrative where can I learn how to do it?


Its actually quite easy to learn these days because of how programming languages have evolved over time - i.e. its gotten a lot easier to make useful things quickly.

My suggestions to get started - Google python and django, and check out, ALso, here’s an interesting discussion:

Good luck and feel free to post on this thread if you get on this road!


I’ve always wanted to dabble with apps or other creative tech ideas, but I don’t have a college degree or professional experience with these things. If only I could go back in time and not have chosen to major in accounting. :doh:


Accounting is extremely important to business especially looking at cash flow, but with GAAP standards, accounting doesn’t reflect reality! Again, you will be surprised that the majority of high tech start ups need not highly technical skills to be founded but an extreme passion.