Are you easily offended?


I’m not easily offended or shooken up. For example, I went to see SAW 3D last Saturday and wasn’t shooken up at all after seeing the gruesome death scenes in the film. Then many people try to piss me off but I just shake it off. In fact, I’m usually the one pissing other people off…


I piss people off alot lately for some reason. Im not trying to im just being myself… Mabey I need to work on Fe more to avoid this :confused:


Short answer: “no”.


I absolutely feel disdain toward people who are easily offended.

As if there is no control in them at all.


I agree with all that you said. I have to know a person really well to be offended, otherwise I am doing the offending. I have learned to tip-toe around people’s emotions. Let’s face it, the majority of people out there are touchy, feely, whiny you know whats, and if you look at them wrong, they cry. I do brood. It is much better than the alternative of smashing their face in. I did find a good therapy for brooding. I like to spar in the ring. I do that for an hour, and I totally forget why I was pissed. :smiley:


I feel the same. People are offended by little things, and they don’t care if it is detrimental to the social atmosphere when everyone was
getting along just fine until they ruined it.


Not in the least.

I agree with everyone else in that I’m usually the one doing the offending.
Mostly unintentionally because I make a joke that I think is funny, and wouldn’t get offended by, and everyone laughs… even the person that I offended…
But then later that night on the dance floor they come up to me and drunkenly say that I hurt their feelings and then I feel bad. Just like last night…

I’m still learning to tone it down a bit…
I do love not getting offended by anything though… I mean, I can barely remember the last time I was angry.


:think: Good question…

nope :wink:


The only time I can ever recall getting offended was when someone called me out on a particular issue that was actually a goal I was working on, or a goal that I wanted to work on but had no time to. It was like getting feedback that my ideas weren’t working at all when in my eyes they were completely working.


I’m not easily offended - usually I’m excited when someone challenges me but I do get offended if people patronise me. GRRRRRRRR that makes me crazy


No, I’m not easily offended. I am, however, easily angered which may come off as me getting offended. I guess it depends, too. I don’t care for those attempting to rile me up with petty insults I know to be untrue, but there are moments when someone brings up something I have buried deeply into my subconscious Fi. I get hurt, but show that pain as anger as to not come off as weak and emotional - even though anger is an emotion… :laughing: Why am I so dysfunctional? >.<