Anyone like photography?
Whatcha got?






I love nature and animals very much. They are the object of my photography fascination


Almost done I think


What do you shoot with?

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Great stuff!


Thankies! :slight_smile:


ah, nice, i love the colors. very lovely !
your pics are almost very bright and colourful, make the viewers feel “light”.
but sorry, i dont have intense feeling in those. ( which i name it " soul of the pic") ( except the pic of the man, and the pic of sea, frogs. hey, dont get me wrong, they are still awesome! post more, i’d love to see! :smiley:


The nicest picture and only one that is worth showing is the purple flower with black & white background. The composition obeys the 1/3 rule. You don’t have enough bokeh ie blurry background to effect a nice picture of flowers. You would need an aperture of F1-4-2.8 depending on focal to get this shot down pat down technically with no flash. Alternatively you can get this affect in photoshop with gaussian blur.

Good effort! Hope you continue to enjoy photography. Joining the local photography club is a great way to meet new people and learn more about photography.