are you asian? Astrology? What makes you be interested in it?


Asians depending where they originate from can be very different. This label is doesn’t mean anything.

Quite a few years ago, I had an astrology reading by a professional astrologer Alan Oken. It turns out that, its not just the sun sign that is important, but also where all the other planets are at the time of your birth. So lets just say that my sun sign makes me one of the nicer milder more emotional people, but in person I am not, even if I look like a bimbo. My friend who has the same sun sign is far far more gentle and timid than I am.

It was interesting to see what a professional astrologer would say. I also read some books after meeting him. I came to the conclusion that I cannot be persuaded that planets many many millions of miles away have an impact on my personality and destiny. I make my own destiny from the choices that I make. So what if Mars conjunct jupiter? Has it been means tested that every time this occurs, a certain effect is noticed?

The entire premise of astrology is based on a geocentric model, ie the sun, moon and planets revolve round the earth, based on ideology that is 2000 years old. About 500 years ago, we have moved on to a heliocentric model, ie that the planets revolve round the sun. So geocentric model for astronomy is no longer valid.

Due to the precession of the equinox, ie the tilt of the earth, every 2600 years, spring equinox moves one sign behind. This means that right now, sun signs are now 1 sign behind. Which means I am actually gemini, not a cancer. Astrology has not taken into account this precession of the equinox, and is still based on calculations from 2000 years ago when the sun was in aries at the time of the spring equinox.

As for chinese astrology, it is also based on a geocentric model of the solar system. The five visible planets of the solar system represent the 4 elements, but there are 5 planets. I cannot remember how they worked round this, its been a while since I read this. The cycle of 12 years is represented by jupitar’s trek round the sun in chinese astrology.

To me, astrology is pseudoscience. I don’t bother with what astrology for compatibility. I would rather know what their MBTI is. According to BBC programme, it seems that 25% of people who did MBTI test felt that their result is not match their personalities. I have to go read up a bit more about this.