I watched a movie with my wife last night called “Temple Grandin” I found it on the ISFP forum.
It shows how a diagnosis of autism and that her daughter would never talk and should be institutionalized was rejected by that mother. Temple eventually received a Dr’s degree and teaches at a Colorado university. She also changed how cattle are dealt with in feed lots and slaughter houses.

People are just wired differently. We should look to help them reach their potential rather than sit them in a corner and give them a pill.

mseroger b.


I couldn’t agree more. And I think this is true not just of psychology, but a lot of ‘diseases’ attributed to physiology/genes as well. Just got back from PaleoFX, and after more than 2 years of avoiding starches/sugars in favor of natural foods (meat, vegetables, animal fats, fruit, nuts), I am more and more convinced that most of the pharmaceutical industry is unnecessary. Indeed, most of the healthcare industry can be made obsolete by natural foods and moderate exercise.


One of my daughters just posted this link on Facebook and it is interesting along these lines.
But it is apparent that many people have been totally convinced by the pharmaceutical industry that they can not function without their drugs. … ing-world/