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Hey man, you are in depression!!!
Lets go out with your friends, do you have any close friend? Try to hang out with them, if you have some problem, maybe you can share with them.
Doing some social activities, it’s better. Dont stay alone, in front of the PC or laptop as much as possible.
It’s very interesting to have you here to talk to, but honestly, i dont want you to stay here if you are in this situation. It’s very not good for you, man! So, let’s do something to get out of this.




GTFO. Simliar mentality. But I’m not sad. I hope you aren’t now since these last posts.
We have different sched.
I wake up at 0430 and run and bike. Breakfast at 0630, shower at 0700, work at 0830. Off in the evening. Or vice versa; night shift sucks for daytime sleepers in a busy apt complex. Weekends off are spent tanning, working out, going out to the movies, meeting coworkers and friends, or I’m a hermit and I sleep in and read. I get tired of too much social interaction after a few weeks of going out.
I have a room mate but she’s deployed. I have the place to myself and I don’t mind. I smoke hookah and play videogames sometimes. I LOVE to bbq. I have a desk job. It fucking sucks…And that is my daily routine.
If your life isn’t too different from then, you need to go do something for yourself. Like workout. You gotta try and instill that in your life for a little while. Make it 3 months steady. Run. You’ll notice physical change for the better, permitting you are eating well too. You need to take care of yourself; it only makes you feel better, and a chain reaction occurs. Try it. No excuses, punk. Working out releases you from the addictive “PC Curse”. At least you FEEL better about going to your computer when you sit down after a sexy workout. The comp doesn’t own you; you own the comp, toots. Try getting a runners high. Your brain releases the same endorphins as when you pee, eat, and have sex. You will be charged and the comp will look like a silly thing in comparison to what you can do with your energy.


You should feel like this, ish.


Not like this





Well I think you’re looking too deep into pond at your reflection and at others. You need to put yourself into a better condition for dealing with these problems. It takes a couple changes if you really want to make a difference. If 3500$ sat near your door every day, would you leave it there? There is room for personal growth and you should use it right now today and every day because it’s there.

And those forms of physical activity that you “love” to do sound like things you do that are few and far between…No excuses, remember? So. Quick fix is to:

Run! Shorts, tshirt, scruffed tenni-shoes (if that’s all you have; gotta start somewhere. I started with basketball shoes, yuck) and step out the front door. Or take a drive somewhere safe and runner-friendly. Running is so easy; you don’t need any piece of equipment aside from some clothing and shoes. For those fucked up feelings and turmoil of the mind, it’s a great way to focus it. I HATED my running when I was “pissed at the world” or at people, or–myself. Those days I’d run faster or take a harsher route just to blow off my steam. At the end of the run I’d be totally and disgustingly sweaty stretching out in my front yard at 6 in the morning and just felt KILLED. Eat, shower, whatever. Stepping out into a clear room afterward, I’d mentally face my issues and really put some thought to it. I found times that I was too emotional and not thinking, that I had been too wrapped into something (myself) or that I was just the coward in reguards to an issue I had with people. (I used running to define myself; for the faults I had that I didn’t totally care to and for the faults of others who didn’t bother to change them either. It only helped me.) Those were my “no shit on any level” days. This running idea spawned from what I couldn’t control in my mother’s marriage and in retaliation to abashment and confusion, and things I had given up on in myself because of those things and a few others. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know if what I thought was correct, I didn’t know what to say; I didn’t know if what I DID do and DID say was suitable/good for me and others. It had to be focused. Too much chaos.

I self-medicated/prescribed running for myself to make it the thing that bettered me, and it did. I did it impulsively as though it were the last straw for my hope and disdain. To need it almost means you need to be diagnosed with lack of care, structure, and a very good confidant–which was my situation. You sound like you’ve alienated yourself through uncertainty or your like a dog pacing in a cage unsure about yourself and what to do. (So you lack structure to grow from.) Too much time spent thinking; you need to do more and bring yourself out through it. You need a confidant; you’re post was a reach out. You lack some structure somewhere–however menial or great, you need a confidant, and how can you have your needs attended to? Care. If you can’t get it from others you need to do it yourself. Find lose ends or dead ends and tie them together. Make a plan. Become more organized and conscientious of yourself. Start somewhere. And then you can end with issues with these other people.

20 minutes out of the day is nothing. Really? Come on. YOU ONLY BENEFIT. And the key is to keep pressing as you grow so that you don’t lose motivation in lack of results. Once you start a daily routine with running, it’s almost impossible to break the habit. The Runner’s High is really addictive and I noticed toning results after two weeks of running. You being a dude just naturally sculpt up better…Mer. Not fair.

You oversleep too, by the way. Or you’re going to bed far too late. You need some major changes my friend.

And similiar mentality meaning I relate to what you said, think like that though not so broadly (only on my “emo” days do I really actually feel/express myself that way) and that I get stuck in a rut feeling like I need more purpose and think the way you do. I haven’t really had a down day in a while.

You REALLY just need more variety and contrast in your life so you can REALLY get some perspectives and orient/make progressive decisions to push out your caged boundaries.

Channel your Chi.




There’s an incredible amount of depth here and I want to address it all now but can’t. So I wanted to ask a couple specific questions and make a couple remarks on what you’ve said before I can really buckle down and hash you out. You are so full of fervor…

You are stating that I will eventually hit rock bottom and have no help from anyone around me but when I need that help from my father, he may be 5 more years gone to me…? And that I’m using physical exercise as a way of denial of problems that need to be fixed. Then telling me that I’m wasting time here doing as I do. That is all that needs to be said.
Yea I have thought about how I should utilize my time on interpersonal relationships. No, I think of possibilities and alternates to those. We are focusing so much on my father and myself right now…Anyways. You understand my father well now. He’s incredibly emotional and financially unstable.
Conversations, attempts to fix problems with him have been futile, okay? I don’t speak as though I just had an in-depth conversation with him about problems just one time. I’ve had several since I’ve moved in with him and left. But my logic doesn’t appease his emotions and so there has been little I could do. I have compassion for my father but I don’t know how many times I can try to talk to him and make things work before it does. Don’t you understand? You talk of sparing people. What about when it comes to a family member? Not just other people. You should continue to strive to communicate and work things out with family more than ordinary people right? Well I am. I directly approach him but he argues otherwise and doesn’t agree with me and he continues on his emotional tirades. What am I going to do about it? What haven’t I done? Tell me what you think I need to do. I haven’t failed until I’ve died and done nothing at all to improve one thing, another, or several. I’m definitely not going to die that way. You aren’t torturing either. Not to me. Maybe you can glamorize it as such :slight_smile:




The way you talk to me makes me think that if we were in person, you might make me cry, cripple, and crawl into a corner.

My wishes are few. I’m doing well with them Wasabi.

And you are right about my father not being my priority. He hasn’t been a direct one; you are right, but he’s been on my mind; I’ve been bothered. He has been a priority I have as a “distance goal.” In that I will eventually really get to him. I just did though as I mentioned in another topic.

And you’re wrong about emotional problems being irrelevant. Even while working towards a common goal. Come on Wasabi…Undying emotion ALL THE TIME, is always an issue. How am I supposed to tell my father to shut the fuck up? Or how many times am I supposed to be straightforward even while acknowledging the emotional shit? Or how many times should I continue to ignore it? It’s a fucking big problem, Mmkay? I told you a bit about my father in the Marriage topic. I really wish I could stick you in front of my father and explain the situation to you both and then say, “And go! Fix it Wasabi!!! Woo!!!” And I’d sit back and interject when necessary. And we’ll see just how your patience and methods work…You are awesome here but you just aren’t God or some powerful extraterrestrial being. You can’t just start “new things” and expect the old things of the past to have no effect on the present and future.






My laziness has been kicked