Banned from INTJ forum


I guess I made someone unhappy. Pretty weak IMO. I still love them tho. Even the ones stuck to the sole of my shoe.


Yeah I got banned from INFJ forum for posting in a “Self Harm” thread. I said something along the lines of well okay when you get done cutting yourself be sure to wash your hands, but in the usual round about way of linking some news post on links between depression and parasites.

It always ends up with some unimaginative jerk accusing you of wrong doing while at the same time dragging the conversation out in a very hypocritical fashion. Darn monologuing ESFJ are such tryhards always impersonating other MBTI types. They really give Extraverts a bad name with that whole pack mentality.

Any system that cannot persist in maintaining itself is broken. Hence there are nothing but Badmins online. Perhaps the original word “ad min” is a reference to ad hominem or reductivist thinking.


Yes, many insecure persons hiding. Big britches behind the scenes. Most hate being called out, something that I can’t resist in taking notice, then extrapolating.