Battlefield or Modern Warfare?


Any gamers out there? Which game are you privvy to of the two, if you are? And why?



I have lots of going and usually dont have time for games. The last one was Section 8: Prejudice. Stupid game.

I see you have lots of energy to burn out there. Feeling bored isnt it?


“Feeling bored isn’t it”? Are you pointing out that even though I work out so much that I still find myself bored enough to play videogames? I can’t tell.

It’s a shame you don’t play Modern Warfare 2. Have you ever tried? Did you know it grossed $550 million in the first 5 days of it’s release? That’s 156$ more than Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince grossed in it’s first 5 days. It is a really good game. If you have a friend who owns it, I recommend giving THAT game a chance, if the opportunity ever shows itself. Don’t even play the first one; I went straight to Mod2 and then played the first one and it bores and fails in comparison…


Of course I have played it.

But no a multiplayer version.

I used to play Battlezone 2 back in my gaming days. But these days are over.


I expect to get BF3 when it comes out. MW games have always been shortlived for me. It’s just designed in a way that’s not enjoyable to me (camping is encouraged, grenade launching across the map, and claymores). I find the single player modes are quite enjoyable though.

Haven’t really played too many games lately. Used to join a huge group and play Halo 3 all the time in 8 on 8 battles. I suspect BF3 will be more accommodating of my playing style. Might get into PC gaming in the future. Just spent a ton of money though, so a gaming PC is on hold right now.