Becoming a Professor


So, I’m in my senior year of uni. I realize that despite my seemingly-effective left brain (I get the top scores in all my math, physics, econ, and statistics classes), I suck at Accounting. And it’s my major. The concepts and general logic is fine, but I can’t memorize all the specific rules (or its inconsistencies) and account names for the life of me.

Moreover, I really enjoy creative writing. Specifically, humor and satire. And…you guys are ENTJs, you don’t really need modesty do you? :mrgreen: Well my enjoyment of the subject translates to being pretty good at it. I’ve gotten my work submitted to national humor publications, I’ve done a highly successful reading in San Francisco with a highly-lauded comedy lit group, and every single person who’s read my stuff wonders why I’m not pursuing writing. And this is just from working on it as one of my side hobbies.

Well, it’s not practical, that’s why I’m not setting my bets on being an author. I might have a talent for it, but even that’s not enough. However, I also enjoy teaching. Lots of stimulation, excellent hours, and lots of exposure potential.

So, I’m applying for my MFA in Creative Writing. With that degree, I’m entitled to teach the subject at a 4 year college. It’s a matter of getting in.

Programs I’m Applying For:

Cornell, Brown, UCSD, Columbia, NYU, and several local safety schools. It’s possible I’m being too ambitious, as my Accounting GPA is only 3.12 (though they supposedly don’t really care about GPAs, so long as it’s over 3.0). Though I did get a good GRE score. It’s all about letters of recommendation as well…

Anyway, that’s my goal…at least for the moment. :wink:


Aye. No modesty at all. At least for me (for which I am hated, even on this forum lol).

If you a real ENTJ (just like me) your current pursuit is just one of the 1000 things you gonna do in your life.

It doesn’t matter if you did it today or 10 years later, you will do them all anyway.


^ I’m probably not an ENTJ, as I’m really messy (with papers, and forgetting small details, etc), but you touched on a good point. I’ve got many goals, which I’ve aligned to be achieved in complementary succession. :dance:

If I get into a good program now…

Get MFA --> Teach English abroad for a year --> Teach Creative Writing in American Universities --> Market my patented ideas, which have a schedule upon itself, with specified time frames of anticipated execution, marketing and concentration of efforts.

If I DON’T get into a good program now, the same timeline will apply, except with “Get MFA” and “Teach Abroad” reversed, in order to serve as a nice resume booster.

And of course, these are only my major goals, and only some of them at that. But it’s best for me to concentrate on one thing at a time. ;]


Just to make it clear, I don’t hate you and don’t modesty is needed except sometimes as social camouflage used to elude weaker people. Your problem is not one of modesty, it is one of education. Bad manners are a bad strategy for socializing. You just seens to like being offensive and some people here might be more sensitive then I am.


Aww. Then I need to work harder on that department.

And what exactly am I lacking on? Where did I skip class with my education? Or which one? Or maybe this is just a way to drown me into stupid mental challange that where even people don’t usually know what they are talking about?

There is no such a thing as bad manners. At least not with me. I haven’t cursed anyone here (which I consider bad mannerism and bad for as you said “socializing”). I would call myself challenging. And I agree with that. I am challengin. But not with bad manners.

Challenging ideas and habits. Yes. Offencive? In that manner maybe. But the only people who get sensitive, are the ones who I exactly aim my challenge at. If you feel my approach offencive, then it is you who need to wise up. Not me. My challenge is very specific and well thought.


OK, so for the GRE scores, I got a nearly perfect score on my analytical part. (The score I had mentioned earlier was my 1440 math/verbal combined).

I’m hoping that’s OK enough for NYU… Now I wish I’d studied. Because then I might have a perfect 1600 and I’d be fine.