Being Awesome


I have blue eyes. Dark and lighter in the middle. We reach similar outcomes however when relating to people. I’ve realized that I can control others, but I opt not to. I realize they are to incompetent and cant offer me anything I want/need. Most of the people I interact with are EXFP …it would be a shame to take advantage of them xD


Great minds think alike :sunglasses:


The whole immortal ideal deffinately a unique trait. It’s easy to want to indulge in lol. Personally I think I let that thought or mindset permeate my attitude to much, it deffinately does not lead to wise decisons but I’m assuming it probably has a good amount to do with my age

As for intimidation and control I find it pretty easy as well, I have very dark features with green/hazel eyes with brown centers and in the right light they look black. I’ve often been told I look positively evil when I’m pissed lol.

In thoery I think it’s really a combination of things that make us so scary.

  1. intensity which shows through in our eyes, part of that shine or burning intensity scares people and can easily misconstrued especially when combined with
  2. alpha body language, lol i can’t say I know all ENTJ’s are Alphas although it would make sense we would tend to be
  3. general outspokeness and all the intensity and intelligence and large words we can throw at people


and of course we enjoy the power more and it spurs us on :smiling_imp:


With my high level of income,
And the advancements of science,
It’s not unreasonable, for me to live to 220.


Alphas are rare and they are individuals with ALL the best traits. That means they don’t just have muscles, they have brains too, etc. There is something like 7 points of value. Intelligence, attraction(Physical/Mental), Social Skills(Charm/Intimidation), Success, Wealth, Popularity, Capability. This is the first post I’ve seen of you and I already know you’re not an Alpha.

The fact is all ENTJs have big egos and they all want to rule the world. But not just anyone can succeed and I guarantee most of you don’t even have a chance. You gotta actually have the capability to back it up and just because you’re ENTJ does not mean you are capable enough.

Same thing goes for immortality. Why do you think you DESERVE immortality? Because you make lots of money? Herpderp. If an ENTJ really wants any chance at becoming a true God, they should look to things that actually matter like knowledge and wisdom. You’ll find the smarter you are, the easier it is to just glide to the top. Knowledge IS power after all. Anyways unless you’re actually up to date and have a progressive mindset, you don’t really deserve to make it into the future. Just FYI.