Big Things to avoid discussing in public


I’ve learnt from experience that in public you should avoid talking/ranting about things you hate because there is invariably someone there who loves those things and they get upset… or think you are a horrible person lol


What would the gain be for not offending people on such level? You obviously give up alot of free speech. I hope what you gain worth it?


I’m happy to offend people if what I’m saying helps them to make a chnage that will benefit them or other people. But if the result of what I’m sayiing has the sole effect of offending people then it is useless and the gain of not offening them in this instance is not making another human feel bad for no reason. I try to give up a lot of free speech to save offence but most of the time I can’t control myself and say what I think anyway :angry:


Ha! :laughing: