Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Interviewed together


Two contrasting super-ENTJs! Really remarkable set of videos on YouTube where they are thinking aloud, and its possible to analyze them in significant detail.

So far, my impression is that Steve is more Te/Se and Bill is more Ni. Also, Steve seems more interested in mobilizing people, and Bill in mobilizing companies and partnerships. Its possible to hypothesize that Microsoft ruled the roost earlier but Apple is gaining significant ground because of the growing worldwide shift to individualism/ personal computing, as opposed to the more collective computing/industrial model of the 20th century.

I love how there is no B/S in any of their answers and am really struck by how lucid their communication is, compared to many of the people I do business with.


PS: I'm probably one of the few people that has always admired both these guys, i.e. I don't feel strongly about the Mac Vs PC debate.


The Mac and PC debate is about people who do not understand others are different and/or are in contempt of those differences.

I am member of the ‘‘PC Master Race’’ not because I spend lots of money, but because the Experience I get is vastly superior compared to anyone who might spend the same amount or other experience/budget ratios. That’s because I have konwledge and understanding of computer hardware and software, something most people don’t have.