Can anyone recommend a good, free Myers Brig test?


I want to test my family!


Hi, Love your question!

I have an MBTI type form for adults on and you just go to Temperament Sorters on the nav bar to bring it up. There are also forms for children aged 4-8 and 9-12, to be answered by a parent or caretaker. All are free and have good feedback.

These were all developed at California State University, Pomona, when I taught there and are a serious effort to get sound results. Adult form was normed on about 350 college students, and the child forms on 400-600 children, with questions tested, replaced when not working, tested again etc. All had good statistical validity.

I’d love to hear about any results you might have, and how well this matched to other tests you have taken. :slight_smile:


Thanks nharkey

I took your test and got the ENTJ again! It’s great you’ve made tests for children - I’ll definitely be testing mine when I have them :slight_smile:


Right now I have a blog up that is a chapter from my book on Parenting by Temperament. In that chapter I tried to describe early signs of preferences that you might see in toddlers without using the proper MBTI terms (Feelers vs Thinkers are Cuddlers and Non-cuddlers, for example). You can read it at It’s fun to think about what Intuition might look like in a three year old!


Here’s a few yulewitch. I haven’t taken all and can’t vouch for them, so use your good judgement as to which you prefer (en español) (requires registration) (John’s Personality Test)


Thanks a lot jayne

I like the second test. On the first one I came out as ENTP :open_mouth:


Since I posted, an INTP friend and I have taken this one with a few other friends. It seems to be pretty accurate. Especially it tends to show the Jungian Sibling of your type in second place which made sense.

Mine was:
ENTJ: 66% <—Extroverted Thinking Dominant
ESTJ: 13% <—Extroverted Thinking Dominant
ENTP: 8%
ENFJ: 4%
INTJ: 2%

His was:
INTP: 76% <–Introverted Thinking Dominant
ISTP: 11% <–Introverted Thinking Dominant
INFP: 7%
ENTP: 3%
INTJ: 1% (John’s Personality Test)