Characteristics of highly intelligent people

  1. Smaller families
    Ironically, I have a large family which keeps getting bigger.

  2. Lower meat intake
    I eat a decent amount of meat, but I try to pass on the greasy stuff if healthier
    options are available

  3. Spay/neuter pets

  4. Desire to share what they know

  5. Lack of belief in God/Religion
    No, I do believe in God and mortal souls after some of the things I’ve seen happen that
    seem to be beyond rational comprehension

  6. Not neat freaks
    Actually I am… well other than the closet, and I do have a junk drawer or two

  7. Tend to be unhappy
    Actually, I do tend to be happy but I’ve learned to be wary of others perceptions

  8. Prefer to create without rules or guidelines
    Without… though once in a while I don’t mind being able to form a rough mental
    image of what the finished project should look like

  9. Enjoy being outside (not necessarily meaning they are outdoorsy people)

  10. Likely to be philanthropic



@Iron Mickie

Are you sure your type is ENTJ ?



I’m definitely an ENTJ. Sometimes I get INTJ on tests, but very rarely.

  1. Smaller families
  • dont see myself wanting a big family.
  1. Lower meat intake
  • generally, I do like protein though
  1. Spay/neuter pets
  • this is stupid
  1. Desire to share what they know
  • definitely
  1. Lack of belief in God/Religion
  • also a definite. I see metaphors where others see facts.
  1. Not neat freaks
  • I am organized, but not a freak about it.
  1. Tend to be unhappy
  • most of the time.
  1. Prefer to create without rules or guidelines
  • who doesn’t?
  1. Enjoy being outside (not necessarily meaning they are outdoorsy people)
  • love it, but have my times when I prefer inside.
  1. Likely to be philanthropic
  • extremely.


Ehhh…I know quite a few NT’s who believe completely in religion. I would not throw that one out there just for the sake of your own bias. :wink: You may just WANT the more likely intelligent types to have no belief in religion.



There has been data gathered on this. Just because you have a few conflicting anecdotes does not counteract the larger trend of NTs to be less religious and the same trend for those with high IQ.

Tell me, what led you to believe that anecdotal evidence counteracts numerous studies?


I define intelligence as the capacity of one to simplify the systems.

Make shortest shortcuts.

And you can apply that to virtually anything not just intellectual issues.

I liked the OP list. I think the main characteristic between “shortcutters” is the innovation, self-motivation, and freedom of thought.


I would like to discuss benefactory (not a wor dI know) and philotracie (trololo garammar nazwies) :laughing:
Besides this, Serious mode on: side question: Are ENTJ’s grammar nazi’s ( do I have to explain?)

Without any closely related information, I came(not now, overtime, overlife) with these 2 theorys in these regards:
-Logical Driven People(thinkers) are more narcistic, less philantrophic.
-Intelligence induces a certain understanding (can call it consciousness at this level ) that in turn induces philanthropy.

It seems that logic theory is unsurprisingly wrong unless if your a literal sociopath ( My intuitive mind could only go as far with the extremely lacking information)

But the Intelligence one is being confirmed here. Now I firmly believe NT’s are [size=150]much[/size] more needed. :smiley: save the. Intelligence->deep Wisdom and deep wisdom being my preffered correlator with philantrophy. Intelligence being more indirect, the correlation factor is more feeble. There are intelligent people who lack wisdom.

Personally, If I am philanthropic, It’s because of my intelligence induced consciousness understanding conclusions. that being said I’m very young as in I cannot vote yet. [size=85](dem politics, just way till I show em! with my 1 correct vote :laughing: )
Not because I was thought how to think (My ENTJ dad isn’t present most of the time(he’s great support , but mostly refine my existing thoughts or redirect them) and my INFP mom is…useless(sadly) in this regard)[/size]

(-)Ex: I noticed STJ’s are horrible, horrible narcistic and also retarded leaders(only noobs would work under them). not philantrophic at all. STJ’s fit as subbordinate middleman executives, with an N_ up their arse for ‘‘cocksucking club admin style extreme’’ control.

Then they come to me in diplomatic fuzzy-idealist style (Bs meter of the charts) for my analyst help, I used this INTJ reply :smiley: ''Your punny offers do not interest me. Take your wares and go elsewhere or try much harder. ‘’ Not INTJ