Complete emotional dissociation


Like the title says, a complete emotional dissociation from the rest of the population. There was also a term coined in: Moral Nihilism. Meaning, a complete disbelief that anything just and right will be ever properly maintained. This is what I have. I do not trust any human society. I do not believe there is any justice. I do not think democracy exist. I do not believe in anything, other that big fish eats small fish mentality. This leads to complete emotional dissociation from the rest of the population. I sometimes see people who call about writing letters to their senators and people like Tea partiers and Occupiers who genuinely believe they can accomplish something through peaceful protesting. I only feel disgust and complete irritation towards those people. Their inability to properly understand the position in this system, and complete blindness to the things that they actually can do rather than spend their times on stupid protests…is making me wish to throw up. I do not believe any human group can lead itself to any positive change without a leadership of some kind leading them to their desired outcome. Democracy is a make believe system, because you still need a leader or top figure to get something done. Therefore, democracy has failed. All of this leads to complete dissociation. And dissociation leads to a total focus on the outcomes rather than emotional and ethical consequences. Does the life worth living this way? I dont know. But it appears like the only choice I have.

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Life is always worth living, wasabi. Life is good, even on days when you can’t see anything good at all.


Not seeing anything good is not reason a for not living. Or committing suicide. I’m not suicidal. It just lowers the quality of life. And it seems to be constant fact about life in general. If you really want to get something done, you have to invest emotionally in it. And by emotionally investing in it, I mean that you always have to expect unpleasantness and suffer it until your goal is done. This is ridiculous. It’s as if people just make every obstacle possible for you to fail. Why?


If you stand out and don’t conform, you can be seen as a threat and it may provoke jealousy. Is that what you mean?


That seems about right.

If I dont stand out, nothing gets done.


Same here. But then the trolls appear. :stuck_out_tongue:


What trolls? :sunglasses:


The lesson here was the fact that I needed to show mercy on the people for being who they are. Being a person who never gives up on the goals pursuing, it was difficult to move around the mere fact that people aren’t thinking on the light speed and on the run.

I just lacked the authority.