Considering two big dreams


Hi, I recently read some of your articles posted on this forum and found them interesting.

I currently wonder about what career path to choose between two alternatives I have and wanted to get some advice. As you are a ENTJ’s ( or people who knows about ENTJ) community I thought you may be good advisors.

I am just done with my "hard skills "studies and have a background in business. I studied in several countries and will go to China next september for language studies.
After China ( in one year) I will have to take a career orientation and I am considering either business practical field, or business/organization academic field. I will have however to start some applications in the months to come.
In business I could feel satisfied by leading people (taking charge, organizing…), but after a while I might feel bored as one’s everything is on track and stardardized I would feel useless. Furthermore getting a lot of money is not my main driver an. However leading a group of people and achieving result is something that correspond to an aspect of my personality.
In academics (Phd) I could feel satisfied by learning/creating something new and relevant everyday from a top brain environment. However for some years I would have to feel less free of my actions.
So the dilemma is here: I like to be in a “brain environment” ( meaning not to talk about everyday life), because they usually live in a world of possibilities and mental challenge. But in this world too, people are less action - oriented.
In practical business however I would quickly be in charge of something and answer my action need, but I know I may get bored and I will lack the “brain environment”. The issue comes from which growth field I value more: action or brain.

If some of you could bring me some advice, I would definitely appreciate. As we seem to think from a similar way.

Thanks all,


Start your own consulting firm… You will get everything you need from the consulting business. fix problems, give advice, be the go to person, use your brain and dig deep for new ideas. You will get to move on to new projects once your finished with the last job. Bingo problem solved!