Contradictions In Typology Descriptions


Many descriptions of ENTJ include Narcissism as a basic trait. Is there any other type that would be described in terms of a personality disorder? Wouldn’t the equivalent of this be describing INFP as borderline or INTJ as Schizoid? In general usage, the word narcissism is vaguely applied when any number of the traits of narcissism are being referenced in a comment. There is a type of narcissism that is considered to be part of the normal stages of childhood. But I’m troubled by the use of a word that implies a personality disorder because it points to pathology. It’s fine with me if a site says that a type has tendencies toward a disorder. Carl Jung and Myers Briggs were not attempting to categorize pathology in the types, but only thinking preferences.

Some narcissistic character traits:

Excessive need for admiration and attention
Grandiosity, bragging, misrepresenting or exaggerating one’s accomplishments
Exploitation and manipulative behavior
Lack of empathy or guilt, inability to take responsibility for one’s actions
Arrogance, a haughty attitude, sense of entitlement

In childhood, these are normal behaviors, in an adult, they are grossly maladaptive. These traits in an adult, (whether they add up to a full blown personality disorder or not), constitute disordered behavior and have nothing to do with typology. Furthermore, ENTJs are not emotionally fragile and are known for not needing approval from others. The contradiction in these descriptions really irks me. :smiley:

Have you noticed inaccuracies or contradictions in typology site descriptions? Please share!