Corporate America- do you like it?


I have slowly developed a deep hatred for Corporate America. I would compare it to feeling shackled or having my soul trapped. The ironic part is I am very successful in Corporate America. I have changed industries 3 times now at the age of 31. I have been at my current company for 3 years and had 3 promotions in 3 years. I have always planned on not staying in corporate America long term but instead starting several businesses. But I had the idea that I was decreasing risk by first establishing a fall back/security blanket. I am wondering if other Entj’s have the same distaste for corporate America despite being successful at it. Do you feel trapped and controlled? My husband and I have started a business that is growing, and I am leaving my full time job in exchange for part time consulting with the company I work for. I am slowly making the transition I have been waiting for, and it is completely liberating. I am thankful for what I learned in corporate America, because it provided me with a tremendous amount of confidence. I am wondering if anyone else feels this way. My husband is an Entj and he feels the same way. He is less bound than me as a consultant, but he still hates being on someone else’s watch and agenda. We share the same goal in that sense.


Well, as an INTP, I obviously can’t provide much insight into the ENTJ experience. But it might be good to compare INTPs’ and ENTJs’ hatred of The System and see if we hate different aspects of it.

I’ve never worked for corporate America, or corporate Yugoslavia, for that matter. I did earn a PhD in philosophy a few years back, but I’ve discovered that I don’t like teaching. Or, rather, I love teaching, but I hate a lot of the things surrounding it: grading (if they do bad, you’re a horrible teacher; if they do good, you didn’t make the assignment hard enough), Teacher Evaluations (they’re about the only feedback you get, they come too late in the process to do anything about it, and reading them destroys your soul), and, with me, the inevitable comments on the Teacher Evaluations that I make ill-thought and apparently offensive comments. That last wouldn’t bother me so much if I thought that, if they don’t like how I operate, they could go someplace else. But with an intro philosophy course, it really is a captive audience, and I don’t feel comfortable abusing that (hah!) “power.”

Right now, I’m working on getting a philosophy blog together, so I can do the stuff I love about teaching, while looking for a job as a security guard so I’ll have time to research and write while getting paid a survivable wage.

Now, given how I interfaced with even the hippie-dippie bureaucracy of Academia, I doubt the corporate hierarchy would be a good fit for me. So how is corporate America a soul-sucking experience for you? How is it different from the INTP experience, or is it the same?

And, if your business prospers and expands, do you have any plans for it not becoming a soul-vampire when it does grow up?