I an effort to bring some life to this place, I’d like to debate any user(NT’s preferrably) on any subject. I’ll let you decide. This should be interesting to see who actually has some gumption and cleverness.


Communism will come back.


So that is you premise. Interesting choice but be more specific, come back where? Worldwide? USA? Europe?


Communism - is the shadow of capitalism. You cannot get rid of communism while in capitalism, just like you cannot get rid of your own shadow. Capitalism cannot bring equality, liberity and fraternity just like it promised. It needs communism to accomplish that. And for that capitalism will have to die.

As for where it will come…answer is easy. In the same place where capitalim turned that place into a wasteland. Greece comes to my mind. Puerto Rico second. Spain. Italy. France. Ireland. USA.


Communism and Capitalism are quite different. A bird cannot cast the shadow of an elephant. In regards to property ownership, the idea of Communism is that the state/government is the guardian/owner of property(of any kind) and the people under this idea have to share it but the idea of capitalism is that the individual is the owner of his earned and acquired property and can decide in what manner he wishes to sell/use his property.

Widespread and full fledged communism will not return as long as there are persons who value liberty, freedom, and private ownership and each and every person does. It’s an innate feature in us. We do things for our well being and success and not for that of another.

I do agree that there is a degree of communism in the USA but communism is based on a fiction. For example, the ownership of public lands. The state/government is guardian/owner and the ‘public’ can use it in the capacity set forth by it, but the state/government is a fiction. It’s not a person. So then who owns the land? It is owned by the person who decides what the lands are used for in the name of the public interest. But I digress.


I think a debate should be done on the topic that you know something about. The current one is not.


I think the pot is calling the kettle black here. If you can’t come up with a reply to my response other than, " You don’t know what you’re talking about" you are accusing me of the very action you yourself are committing and wasting my time and yours. Please have the gumption or intellect to attempt in proving my position wrong and proving yours right. This is after all supposed to be a debate.


It is supposed to be a debate. Yes. And not educational. Which is why I moved on.

Will it suffice to call it “you win, i lost” and move on to another topic?

For example, I would like to know why are you bored?

I honestly don’t think debating here is the best time pass.


A debate can be educational, or not at all. Let’s not be presumptuous or assume what a discussion can or cannot be. Also, a topic about a person’s life is not a topic at all, especially one made on the grounds of assumption unless you’re a slimy tabloid journalist which I believe you are not. What I propose we discuss is why the cultural revolution in China in the 1960’s was successful and why it failed. Do you agree?


Education requires time. Why should it be my time?

In the absence of topic for discussion, a discussion about the motivation behind creating an empty topic become the topic itself. It could be argued that this in itself is also an act of absence of presumtiveness.

I am not very familiar with cultural revolution in China back in 1960ies. But knowing that Mao simply let 4 milion peasants die out of starvation while hiding behind the notion that his “specialists” lied to him about the statistics of agricultural production doesn’t make things look good for communists either.

Btw, it could be very well be argued that ROC and Kumintang is actually the legitimate government of China. After all, communists Chinese were heavily supported by Soviet Union and could come to power only after Japanese broke Nationalist Chinese back.