Desire to excel at.... something?


Do you ever feel the intense desire and motivation to excel at something, but have a hard time figuring out what exactly that something is? I don’t necessarily mean your work or vocation - it could be a skill.

I suspect ENTJs get trapped into wanting to excel at several different things/ be well rounded/ well balanced etc. and then don’t really end up at the top of any one endeavor. Or at least, i have that problem, and have noticed a couple ENTJs I know in real life to be quite similar.

For example, I’ve gotten to the top of my profession (within certain criteria), but am already a little bored and looking for something more exciting, while realizing that I am simultaneously pursuing fairly ambitious goals in my physical fitness, other entrepreneurial endeavors, knowledge base, etc. It occurred to me this weekend that the ‘famous’ ENTJs like Steve Jobs or Margaret Thatcher probably just focused on their core competence to get to the level of excellence that they achieved.

Is that the key? Why does it seem so difficult to focus on just one or two things? Does anybody else have this issue? What is the resolution? Any thoughts?


Maybe life is too short to focus on one thing? Or things outlive their usefulness before you reach that point of excellence?

EDIT: Perhaps this is what being a control freak is. Always looking for bigger things to control. Once things you chase become less powerful in terms of control, you simply switch to a new direction.