Do men really need women?


Folks. Lets agree on something. Men and women are not the same species.

  1. No female among mammals have so many unavoidable stupidities as human female do.
  2. Men and women are genetically different species. Men have more genes than wome do.
  3. Men are genetically superior creatures. Even though we 46 chromosomes, one pair of them do all the differece. I vouch to say that w
    e are different species. We are the epitome of human race. We are physically and mentally superior. We are masters of survival. We dont desrve to be put up with all that crap that women put us through. They live because of us. And any sensible creature will not spit in the dish they eat from.
  4. We carry all the genes that women are made off. While women do not. Women are incapable of reproducing a man without a man, while men can do the both.
  5. We can dump all the female population into another planet. Let them have their own investment in evolution that men has gathered through millenia of selective breeding. We can use our own genes to produce a best desired female. We dont need that genetical hunk of junk that current female population do possess.
  6. We can eradicate the “bitch” genes to free female genetical design of inpurity and give them the purpose of what God hs intended for them.
  7. Hell, we can even bully the female population from another planet for fun, just by nuking them from time to time.


this is one of the most ignorant posts i’ve ever seen.

it seems like you have a lot of pent up anger. it makes it seem like you’ve been deprived of quality women.

if you continue this kind of mentality in regards of women. then your situation in regards of women sure isn’t going to get any better.

men are not superior than women. men and women both have different strengths and weaknesses.


Nice try.

As always, ignorance in the face of utter truth.


Pay no attention to the Wasabi. Most days he is off his meds.



Get off your own meds. It left only few brain cells left. I’m sure it already killed the nerve that controlls your

PS: I’m not on meds of any kind. Thats genuine Wasabi as you can get.


Also, read this:



examples, sources pls

nice, then pls show the sources and info you get from these pls

Prove these things then!

Strange, what i know is totally a reverse. So pls prove your point by science info, pls

pretty funny though! i think at that time, you should creat a new factory that produces plastic vagina or some industry that prodce some kind of product which prevents shit from coming out when doing sex between men through asshole. im sure it will make you become billionair due to a huge consumption from man, because they will be either : asexual or gay. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Does anyone really -need- anyone else? Do women really need men?


i think as humans, we need other ppl in our lives.

i think life is meant to be shared to a certain extent.

whether your company be male or female is up to you.


I’m too pre-occuppied to ask myself this question, until I get distracted by a woman :wink:


Wasabi, do us all a favour and take a deep breath and then count to 1 000 000 before posting future sociopath messages.


If you cant handle the truth then drink your fluoride and get out of here.


Nope. Men don’t need women and women don’t need men. That said, the opposite sex can add a lot of joy to one’s life.


Men and women need each other at a level that is beyond what’s purely practical, in the same way people need each other in general, from time to time. Each needs something unique that the other provides, that you can appreciate and enjoy. Well that’s one reason anyway.

With that being said, it’s also true that a person may not need anyone at all. Both men, and women.


So when would a man need a woman? When he has a boner looking at a chick on a magazine? That has to get a little bit boring after a few years, I’m not sure. How long does a man typically go without having sex with a woman? When does he start going and looking for a woman? After he gets tired of the fully-clothed (or totally naked for your porn-lovers) woman on a magazine? Is he even fully aware of this fact? I can totally tell when a man is taken or not. When he is taken, he takes no bother in me or he’s a married shitbag looking for some sort of alternate freedom from his marriage. When he is free or a stupid, married shitbag, I and other women are more interacted with and invited out. That man gets antsy or is coy. I really think the drive for men is just sex. And men need women for sex. Or you can be gay.

So for you gay-inclined men, no—you don’t ultimately need a woman unless your bi-partner wants an orgy involving a woman, I suppose. Whatever. For you thick-headed straight men, you just need to keep your parts away until you die or can’t wait any longer :smiling_imp:

We ultimately just need each other to populate the world.


Maybe because women offer nothing else other than sex?


Well, coming from the one woman who doesn’t care about men (apparently), this isn’t true about this woman. If I cared though I guess I’d have more to offer…


There is a contradiction in this statement. You don’t care about men, and then you say you could offer if you would care.

Now since you don’t care about men, which is a fact according to you, then there could be absolutely NOTHING you could ever offer. Of course, that would change if you secretly just trying to hide behind this “though girl” fascade that serves no purpose to anyone except your hate towards your own.


Missed this skimming through the thread the first time. Sounds like the words came straight out of my head. That being said, it’s very hit and miss, but I’d still rather deal with the less enjoyable women if it means even a hint of the rest.


Well there’s gotta be a reason why I wouldn’t care. Maybe you should represent other men and give me a good one