Do men really need women?


Experiencing rasing kids?


Mother of Fuck!!!
Oh yea, definitely can’t do that.
I hide.


And when you gonna experience it then? In your grave? Or perhaps you just forgot about it alltogether and think it is useless act. But I think this is inefficient. What I belive is that you realize that too. But too scared to admit it.

No problem. I know.


In my grave. haha.

Forgot? About what? Breeding? Raising kids? The natural instinct I have as a woman? LOL. NO! That’s silly!!! I can be cold and robotic and anti-men largely in part but no, to “forget” that pff–what woman could? A psychopath woman like the one below? No, to be honest that small room I mentioned to you about possibility of success with a male is small, but exists. I’m a fighter, not a lover and that is why.

I’ve had frightful dreams of being pregnant and placing my hand right under my developing bump, felt the back of my son resting inside of me…If anything, raising kids is a fear to me more than a desire. I think what I was feeling or thinking before I fell into that dream was a product of subconscious and therefore wishful thinking. It just manifested in my dreams. There’s this ENTJ-typed guy I met in real life and we became extremely close. Well, we’d known each other for a while and I think I actually loved him because I was thinking all the crazy things of a girl who was in love…That was a time I thought marriage was more acceptable, but I lost that mentality. He is opposite of you. He doesn’t play the “Devil’s Advocate” all the time. Hey’s not “tyrannic.” I already said in another topic that I didn’t truly believe it was impossible to be successful.

Me, prego? What a flaw. Useless, no! My kids aren’t going to be useless products of any uselessness on my part. That’s a dick accusation too.


There are so many things wrong with you, just stated to the world in this post. Brilliant and incredibly idiotic in one brush-stroke. Beautiful.


Then there is a reason to care after all?

Me tyrannical? Thats nothing when compared to what western culture put men through. Take the kids home money and leave. Thats what I call tyrannical.

Where did that came from?

Menopause is related to problems with men?

LMFAO! Yeah lightning strikes are also acts of Gods wraith! But ocassionaly hit women too. Altough unintentionally, but shit happens. Men are responsible for that. Kill them all. Let the God sort 'em out!


You should take the picture and make it your desktop background :slight_smile:


The picture of psycho girl?


No way dude! She’s ugly


I think it’s the lighting + pissed off expression on her face.

If it weren’t for the deep cleavage, I’d have thought it was some in-character portrait of a telepath-like character in some bit of visual make-believe.


Because she looks better than you?