Do you care about soccer?


This is the only place I can say something like this:

I cannot understand how people (including my close friends, my dad etc) can watch a bunch of grown men kicking a ball around, when I’m working on creating startups to literally change the world.

[EDIT INSERT: Why isn’t everybody else trying to do something exciting with their own lives rather than living vicariously through a bunch of soccer players?]

Yes, there’s a chance that my already generous ego has finally met its match [EDIT INSERT: in my possibly overly ambitious latest project], but at least I’m trying. And you know what - someday I’m going to make it. I just know. Its been going in that direction my whole life, every day it feels like some new piece of the puzzle is finally coming together.

Don’t get me wrong - I think sports are awesome, if you’re the one playing. I just can’t get myself to watch sports like a passive spectator. In fact, I’m rather focussed on staying athletic myself.

And yes, I do admire superior ability in anybody, but watching a month of soccer matches on TV seems absurd to me.

So is this my individual craziness, or does anybody else here understand? And I’m open to an opposite point of view, if you don’t agree I’d be just as interested.


To me sports is a hobby that does not merit all that attention. I am probably 100% with you regarding sitting around watching games of meaningless endings. Who cares who won?
My ex-husband spent constant hours on sports that he could have spent with his wife and children. He would want me to hold up dinner for his children until the end of the game!!
I loved watching my sons play Little League and was the secretary of the Little League because there is a place for learning how to work within a team but some just carry things way to far and use sports to distance themselves and drink…also to carry on like lunatics. My most special hatred is College sports and big money. While I concede it helps funding, it is such a distraction from the real reason for going to college. People try to get into these schools because the team has “won” many trophies. Probably have offended many but that is just me.


I love football. That’s how we call it in Europe, because it’s played with feet, unlike American football.

It can get a little boring though when there’s no goals, 90 minutes is a long time. I mostly watch the Champions League, big derbies like Juventus-Milan, Chelsea-Manchester… and the World Cup ofcourse. Oh yeah, and when my country plays, every game is interesting.

Football is one of the most intelligent sports, maybe that’s why Americans hate it? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

It hasn’t stopped me from having dreams, working on those dreams or anything else. I also spend a lot of time playing video games.

There were many great people who liked sports. Ernest Hemingway comes to mind. He liked baseball and mentioned it in a few of his works.

Never forget to play!


I more or less agree with most of you. I’m a huge fan of playing sports, but watching them bores me. The only time I can really appreciate them is when with a group of people, for the experience, or when I see the amazing plays that a select few can pull off.

I don’t understand how people can spend so much time watching a game that affects them so little.


Did anyone see the game between Uruguay and Ghana?

What a thriller. That is why I like football. :clap:


I will go as far as to say that if sports stopped being televised i would never know. i have trouble watching any game that i am not in. if i ain’t playing i don’t give a damn. hence why i won’t be watching any of the world cup. or any other sporting event for that matter. for me sports are boring and useless as anything other than exercise. I have far more important things to work on and worry about than who won a game i have no stake in.


To me, sports are for playing, not for watching (except when people want to get money from betting :wink: )
Why not join the team and feel the excitement by yourself instead watching someone?


I appreciate people who watch football matches, but I do not find any sense in following 22 guys fighting for a soccer ball.


BINGO! And thats the thing - I actually do like to feel the excitement; watching the game is never an adequate proxy. So ironically, even though the world may think we don’t respond to the stimulus that moves them, to me its really that they don’t respond enough.


‘Oh, sure, he is brazilian, so he must love soccer, right? Also their women are easy and they live in the jungle with a bunch of savage animals.’

Hahaehaehaehae… seriously, though, I HATE soccer and shouldn’t agree more with complex mango’s statement:

“I cannot understand how people (including my close friends, my dad etc) can watch a bunch of grown men kicking a ball around, when I’m working on creating startups to literally change the world.”








I never figured out what enjoyment people got out of watching OTHER people play. I do watch sports, but only sports that I actually play - I watch to pick up techniques and to set personal goals. So I’ll watch surfing, tennis, climbing and skiing, but that’s about it. Baseball? American Football? Forget it. Yawn. I’m not interested until I’m in it.

I’ve never had the opportunity to play football (or soccer, as Americans call it), so I have no interest in watching it. If I had the chance, I’d probably end up enjoying playing the game.