Do you have an Entp best friend?


Do any of you have an Entp best friend? I have seen/heard of that in a couple other Entj’s. My Entp best friend and I were out last night and met our Entp/Entj best friend male counterparts. It was the male version of us.


Thats an interesting story. My business partner is ENTP, but my favorite ‘going-out’ friends have traditionally been SPs. Though lately, I have been keeping too low of a profile to party like I used to… I do have an ENTP buddy thats a lot of fun to hang out with, and less crazy of a partier, except he’s married and has a kid, so his schedule/ priorities are quite different from mine.


Nope, actually mine is ESFP. Though I have a share of NT friends. My circle of friends is pretty random and dysfunctional, sometimes being an
ENTJ female can be difficult with all the pressure out there to blend in, but why fix what isn’t broken. :slight_smile:



I used to find my two male entp friends absolutely hilarious (well they’re still funny sometimes) but their lack of social awareness and overall “normie” vibes finally got to me. One of them only acts up as a way to receive attention and most of the time his “jokes” completely miss their mark. Overall all I see them as attention wh*res and disturbances to the peace. I can’t tolerate how fake they are either. They are attention’s are always spread to thin and that is a huge issue for me.