Do you "hear" emphasis in words?


When you are listening to someone, do you “hear” the emphasis that they put on specific words? or do you consider the entire sentence as a whole without giving much weight to the emphasized words?

I ask, because some people seem not to emphasize specific words. They may raise their voice when they’re more enthusiastic about what they’re saying, but generally, it’s monotone.


I do.


I notice, but I see monotone speech as a characteristic that doesn’t give me much information. When getting to know someone, I will be intent on looking at many personality cues and if one doesn’t help me understand who they are, the others will. Of course, in a job interview, I wouldn’t consider hiring a monotone speaker for a job that required strong social skills. But I can read people pretty easily in a first time conversation, even in a text chat, so voice tone isn’t an obstacle.