Do you like ENFPs?


Am I the only ENTJ that consistently ends up liking a bunch of ENFP girls? Seriously, over 50% of the girls I have liked have been ENFPs. Apparently INFP girls are a better match for ENTJs, and I have liked an INFP girl before, but I just find ENFPs more appealing.

Any thoughts? Are ENFPs ideal matches? If so, why? How do you compare them in your mind to INFPs?


Pretty much all of my friends are like, ENFPs for some reason.

I had a lot of chaos and craziness with an xNFP. I love him dearly and we get along very, very well. Apparently the E/INFP relationship is ideal, according to… I dunno, some random sites I found or whatever.

ENFP tend to be the most introverted out of all the Extrovert types, apparently, so an ENFP/ENTJ relationship also works well.