Do you listen to your "Heart or Mind" ?


You know how people say " do what your heart tells you to do". - because our mind gives us many thoughts, logics etc but our heart gives us the answer we want or what makes us happy. But its not necessary what you want or what is making you so happy is not what others are considering to be happiness. Then what do you do? Ignore the heart and let the mind take over? Sacrifice your wishes, dreams,love everything?
How can one do that? Heart is so sensitive which is probably why God placed it inside where no one can see it unlike the nose or the legs. Tongue There is a reason that He has kept it so well protected...because once its broken, its suppose to hurt.
So what do you do..listen to your heart and be happy or listen to your mind and let others be happy?


I must admit I don't understand what you're trying to say.


I'm not sure either...

I always follow my intuition, it's not whatever I feel is best, it's what I think is best.



same here.


I guess you just have this dilemma of having to make an important decision of whether to live your life and follow your heart or to live your life for the happiness of others. Remember, we all go around this world once so follow your heart and do what you truly love. You'll live a happier life and be more successful if you enjoy and have the passion in what you are doing. If not you'll just give up right away the moment challenges and difficulties come your way. :slight_smile:




We don’t care. Its still fuel for discussion.

Frankly, I could afford the ability to be able to recognize my feelings more quickly… also, I need to somehow manage them better when they actually come out. And no, listening to my heart (strong emotions) usually amounts to me going after girls I absolutely know aren’t good for me :slight_smile:

Still, I admit that you need to do stuff that makes you happier or suffer being unhappy.


Relaxation when making decisions will lead to the best decisions, preparation and willpower will take you the rest of the way.

Following my mind leads me to long-term happiness. Following my heart leads to short-term happiness, followed by a 50/50 chance of happiness or sadness. I consciously follow my mind more often.


My mind makes decisions for my mind as well as my heart. Everything is logical, and sometimes emotions are built into a logical system. Let me show you a bit of insight into my mind/heart by giving you a few examples:

If a girl comes to me with relationship problems, unless I want to pursue her myself, I hate it. Its annoying. My immediate assumption/thought is that its her own dumb fault that she picked some loser-ish guy. Also, if they are still dating and the guy sucks, I might even tell her that IF she is thinking it too. If she isn’t, I probably won’t say it to her, but if she is, I might as well confirm her thoughts as reinforcement against her feelings. My ultimate goal is not to feel for her, but rather, give her advice to improve her relationship/life. I tell it how things are. I skip the dramatic parts in between and cut to the chase.

Another example about undeserved emotions - one of my wife’s friends was a drug addict. Its her own dumb fault. No sympathy. She should have made better life decisions. She made the choice to go down that path. The only thing I feel towards her is anger. I loaned her some money so she could take her baby to the doctor, but I found out she used it for drugs. That is an unacceptable betrayal of my trust.

As for soldiers dying for our country in a war - I feel more emotion when thinking that they died for a cause… that they died for our country… than I do sympathizing that “aww, so and so died.” They signed up for it, they knew what they were getting into. They don’t deserve a sympathy-based sadness - they deserve a honor-based sadness if that makes sense.

One of my weaker spots is animals. I love pets - dogs, cats, etc. If I hear something about how they are tortured or killed, it eats me up inside. I don’t necessarily sympathize for them, but rather, feel as if they were innocent and unable to stand a chance… like I need to guard them and defend them if that makes sense. Like, I personally could have killed the torturer (with no sympathy/mercy for being a scumbag) and saved the animals. I think its a justice trait, which I believe is more dominant in ENTJs in comparison to F types (which are more mercy-based).

And lastly, yes, I can tell the difference between a human and a robot easily. I can usually predict/tell what a person is thinking through intuition. If you showed me flip cards of emotions and faces, now that I would fail miserably… but the lack of emotion would be easy to detect.


Following my heart makes me regret later on, and makes me be weak. My mind always show me the true picture as it’s based on logic and facts. So i prefer to listen to my mind more.




Everybody listens to both. But we being ENTJs doesn’t imply that we intrinsically listen to our minds more? (And for the reasons Lamer stated, this is a good thing.)


It depends on the situation . Sometimes your heart tell u to do things wrong, but ur mind u have not, then u shud listen 2 ur mind .But when someone asks u for a sad, if ur heart wants to forgive, but ur mind says no, he hurt me . so its best to listen 2 ur heart I meaning .




I lead with my head, and follow with my heart.
coughs If you delete the 2+ years where I spent $10 000/yr on plane tickets to a barren wasteland.


Well in our world as entj there is nothing called following heart . I feel like even following my heart needs strategy which needs the concentration of the mind 100% in addition to that my intuition which doesn’t make mistakes , in that decisions usually are perfect and unbeaten by any problems