Emperor Palpatine: ENTJ


According to this site, the Emperor Palpatine is an ENTJ.

personalitymax.com/personal … entj-chief

(on the bottom of the page, don’t forget to scroll down)

It was long believed that the Palpatine was an INTJ. But this site says ENTJ.

Which one is true? then ENTJ or INTJ?


Palpatine seems too nerdy to be an ENTJ. Richard Nixon’s personality screams Introvert to me. And I thought it was settled that Bill Gates is an INTP?


Too nerdy?


Yea if they are going for the stereotypical ENTJ image, producers would choose someone who looks more athletic.



One problem though. I have difficulty with putting Napoleon and Hitler into hat bill.



Yep that’s a good point. Hitler has far from a jock-like appearance. Maybe he was a mastermind or an INFJ? I understand that Napoleon was quite charismatic but in his portraits he doesn’t seem especially energetic or athletic. It’s hard to say but I think sometimes people assume that if you’ve made it to the top, you must be an ENTJ, as with Bill Gates. I’m sure there must be a range of how well people fit the stereotypical appearance for their type, but I think in general appearances can give us some clues to help us guess.