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my father is ISTJ.
i am ENTJ.
i did not get along with him when i was a teenager.
he threw me out of the house when i was 21 for not obeying his rules in his house.
then i grew up.
i bought him a new car for their 30th wedding anniversary.
this forum is not empty now.
that is all, thank you.


Kill 'em with love!


SJs are unbearable. Ahhhhhhhhhh :pray:




I live with two, my parents. Also most of my closer relatives are SJs too. How I came out N is beyond me.

Hurray for genetic variation, I guess.


OHHHH. Dont you think you are an alien or a mutant??? :mrgreen: I understand why you are still getting mild depression while living with so many SJs :laughing:
but maybe ENTJs are mostly aliens, i guess.


Yes, they’re probably one of the reasons I’m depressed. They’re passionless and try to shoot down everything that’s out of the ordinary.


Try living with a rabid ESFJ for a mother.

It’s paradoxical, but when I moved the hell out, I actually became MUCH more responsible, happier, and got far more done with my life.


Maybe you are not their real son. Somebody dropped you by while walking in front of your foster parents house. And since your father couldn’t have kids they decided to adopt you.

Or maybe you have been brought by birds that were later shot down by your father as a revenge.

Of course I’m just kidding.


I actually really like SJs- especially ESTJs, ISTJs and ISFJs…the only irritating SJ I find is the ESFJ type who always immediately puts me off for some reason and I find ways to avoid contact with them, if possible.


I have had the worst relations with ESFJ types.

My first marriage was to one–I think it was a matter of opposites attracting. There was a lot of other things going on with the first wife besides us being temperamental opposites, but I’d always find myself on the defensive about some perceived slight, or find my easygoing nature being mistaken for an opportunity to take advantage of my flexibility.

In my first professional-type job, I was under the “mentorship” of what I’m sure is an ESFJ. It was hell for me: the nitpicking, my attempts to learn new material met with harsh feedback, plus the emotional outbursts.


My story pretty much. My mother is ESFJ, and father is ESTJ. Somehow my sis ended up INFJ, and I’m somewhere between INTJ/ENTJ. All of them are overly religious too. I still feel like I’m burdened by the traditional/religious values they’ve dropped onto me. I feel like they’re the family, and I’m some sort of other entity.

I can agree with most of the other assessments of ESFJs. I think they’re the worst of the bunch.


ISTJs and ESTJs don’t like to explain/don’t care about the why of anything. That’s just the way it is and if you question it you’re a bad kid.