ENTJ 8w7 female


Any female ENTJ 8w7? How are u doing in ur everyday life?


You are. So where is your answer?


Hi! I am happy to talk. Could you specify in what realm of daily life? In general, I am organized, planned, energetic, productive and decisive. I run my own linguistics business and it works great for me. I spend 20-30 hours a week striving in fitness and in athletic settings, I am the same. I am the one organizing group workouts, I plan my fitness classes strategically, I am the one signing people up for mud and/or Spartan races. I am the same way financially. I have no debt and I invest in stocks. I am 25 years old and what others call “in a good place” but I think I am okay. The only realm I can’t be my strict Spartan self is my romantic life and I do have to make adjustments and be ready to feel uncomfortable. However, I believe discomfort makes us grow and I luckily am dating an INFJ whom I am very compatible with and he challenges me constantly, in the athletic, intellectual and the emotional realm. I am happy to answer any questions and discuss any topics female ENTJ related.