ENTJ careers to avoid - worst jobs


Which would those be?

ENTJ jobs - careers to avoid

What was the worst career you ever had? I’m pretty young so I haven’t had a lot of chance to work at crappy jobs but I’ve been a salesman at a shop (boring), and currently I do data entry and other boring tasks online to have money for my websites hosting and domains, and new projects.


Any job becomes boring if you spend more time there than it needed to be. I have never let it go that far so I wont say what it was. But my worst job experience was in pharmaceutical company where I worked for 14 month. Not because I liked it, but because I had to. By the way, this is the longest work I have ever had. Usually it’s 2 -5 month.


I use to see the differences between Career and Job. But as I’ve grown older, there is no point to define career with longevity when in fact, we [ENTJs] only stay until we’ve learned what we wanted to learn, or we accomplished what we set out to do.

About your salesman job that’s boring, i feel you. But i can promise you that in hindsight, those jobs always bring back the funniest memories, especially if you are able to share those memories with your circle of friends. I remember, the worst job I ever had was one summer where two of my buddies and I picked worms from the ground. Not on some golf course, but in a factory. After two days of working we all quit, got our paycheques and smoked a fat 420 :laughing: LOL


Lol, worms? Looks like there is always worse.

Those profiles you read are so pumped up that you would never, in a million years imagine an ENTJ picking worms. :smiley:

Like, nobody ever imagines an ENTP from Somalia starving to death instead of living in America, having fun, being an ass and getting away with it.


Mind you I was 16 at the time, and also preferred to work along side my friends than to work elsewhere with better pay and without my friends.

It was a very different time in my life; a very unique lesson of life. LOL :smiley:


There is no such thing as a bad job. Everything is worth the experience, if only to be able to have diplomatic immunity when making jests about it. Yeah those @#$%ing X, they are so lazy, I never trust them, worked a year in that field, can’t believe it still survives.

Incidentally ENTJs usually have the most diverse portfolio of jobs and careers. Common Social Roles from wikisocion.org/en/index.php?title=LIE

1:The entrepreneur or speculator who is constantly thinking of how to turn everything into money, yet continues to count pennies and make sacrifices even after he or she has become wealthy.
2:The job-hopper or independent contractor who is constantly changing jobs or locations in order to progress or out of a fear of stagnation, to the sacrifice of his personal life, which will be settled “some day”.
3:The maverick politician or activist who defends positions politically unpalatable to the conventional wisdom of the time, either rising to power when his positions are later seen as correct, or remaining a niche politician with a limited number of followers.
4:The know-it-all windbag who has lots of information about many subjects, and helpfully or annoyingly is always ready to share it with those around him, equally ready to correct the erroneous remarks made by anyone else, always with pitiless courtesy.


Well as an ENTJ, we’re quite critical. Things could be done better this way- that way etc.
My father is also an ENTJ, and after reading his memoirs, I was surprised to learn he had been the same way at his career- criticising everything and everyone to be perfect and ideal.

No wonder.

I suppose though that we’re not perfect. We strive towards efficiency, so that is why certain people irritate us, if they spend their time doing something unproductive.

However, I’m a humanist, and I think time spent wisely drinking with friends and colleagues is time not wasted. Every job I had, I learned something important and made connections with people I otherwise wouldn’t have. So I suppose if you look on the bright side, you will always readily see an opportunity to exploit. Let’s face it, the world is flawed.


That’s me! Is this a typical ENTJ trait?




Haha… ENTJs “MUST” start their own company.

I’m 40 and I own several businesses and never ever been happier.

I had 13 jobs (I counted one day because I was VERY curious) before I started my own company.

All the 13 jobs I had, I hated them. ENTJs do not work well under someone. They MUST be the head!!! :smiley:



I had 13 jobs before starting my own company. Although I hated all those 13 jobs, I learned at least ONE good thing from each companies.


Just keep doing whatever you feel like doing. That’s what I did and now I became quite successful.

ENTJs always strive to be the best and depending on people, it may vary, but the fact is, ENTJs always become someone quite successful. That’s my believe towards ENTJ.


The worst job I ever had was teaching elementary school. The kids were not so bad, although they were exhausting, but the other teachers were the WORST. I vowed never to work in another female-dominated profession–it’s like cliques in middle school all over again.

I worked in the call center of an insurance company which was pretty bad as well.


What kind of job does your company do?

I agree with that assesment. Doing what you think is right to do will bring success. On another note, if you feel really “sucessful”, maybe you can lend some helping hand to those who come from behind? After all, they could REALLY use some help to stop wasting their productive time on stupid people and employee.

Being personally efficient that’s one thing, but being efficient with a group, that’s completely different.


I took a professional MBTI based career placement test and got useful advice related to stress management and my career


I was a union payroll specialist for a trucking company and it was tough to hang in there. I was less punctual and organized as full boredom set in. They didn’t like me much over there. :smiley: Jobs I’ve enjoyed most were in management. In management, I’m more than happy to put in long hours and am well liked by superiors.


The worst job I ever had was at my dad’s company. He made me “arrange” the gravel nicely for a week.



I like Socionics.


Yes. But I’m working on this one- I really do want to be settled. Of course,
there is always the possibility that this really is as settled as I get. If that’s
the case, I’ll just accept it.

I hope not. Politics is one of the fields I am the least interested in. But you never know!

Triple whipple yes with a cherry on top. Though I generally use it for humor and/or story
telling. And I only correct people if their mistake is truly important. I don’t much mind
if people walk around all day long believing crazy things, as long as it doesn’t cause
any trouble.


Jobs that don’t fit your personality are ones to avoid. I’ve had to quit two jobs for that very reason.


I have worked in a clothing store as the manager (worst job ever), a law firm, a University as an accountant, and the list goes on and on. I am 25, and have had at least 10 jobs since I was 17. Sometimes 2 or 3 at a time. The worse ones were when I was in university to make some money. I have never gotten along with a boss. My wife, my very wonderful supportive wife is my best friend. I have moved across the world and never feel the need to stay in contact with people.

People love me or hate me and I think, although I am a romantic person and mean no harm, everyone finds me intimidating. I speak with passion about things such as history and politics and I find people change their view to suit me. I then feel like they are cowards because I wanted them to counter me. I was only taking one side because that side needed a backer. This hinders my career.

I could stay up all night working on an obsession. On anything I am interested in, checking it over and over to make it the best.

I am beginning to feel that, we can only do well as a business owner.