ENTJ: emotions during pregnancy


Dear ENTJ female-fellows,

Those of you who have been pregnant, how did you manage the increase of emotions and emotional reactions due to the hormones?

I am in early pregnancy now. Other symptoms (nausea, vomiting, constantly sleeping) are very annoying, but the increase of emotional reactions is really pissing me off (even if I am aware it is a hormonal effect and not a long-lasting change in my personality).

Any advice?


Give yourself grace. Laugh at yourself. Try not to create unrealistic expectations and remind yourself to focus on the moment. Honestly I felt strangely calm through my pregnancies. It was odd, since I expected to be overly emotional. I have two girls. I have asked my husband if his perception is the same as mine, and he says I wasn’t overly emotional. He said I was really ditzy and distracted which I also noticed in myself. The beginning and end of pregnancy are the worst. Nausea gets better around 14-16 weeks. Pregnancy sucks period. I remember always contemplating if it really is a different experience for some or if I was focusing on the negatives. I came to the conclusion that pregnancy is just easy for some people. I wasn’t gifted that. But looking back all the pain was worth it, and I have fond memories of it. Hang in there!