ENTJ + ENTJ: The Ideal Match


Apologise if this post is long- anyhow, according to this site(entjpersonality.info/2010/09 … ility.html): the ENTJ + ENTJ match is:

Has anyone experienced an ENTJ + ENTJ relationship?

The reason I’m asking is that I’ve somewhat accidently encountered such a mysterious creature- and he is someone who can elicit the most emotional responses from my cold wall of defenses; not to mention, his sexual presence is a bit overwhelming, and I find myself losing control a bit, which I find uncomfortable, but at the same time, he excites me and I find myself thinking about him all the time.

The rational part of me is a skeptic and thinks of all the worse case scenarios, and that possibly, love is a mental disease aka Plato, but I feel seduced- mentally, at least, as there haven’t been any physical contact between us, just this space where intensity seems to hover and strike me with paralysis. I’ve been through infatuation before as a youth, and I find it difficult to pursue someone I am intensely attracted to, and have always fallen into relationships with best friends with whom I felt no passion, but a comfortable repetoire (these men are usually ENFPs).

So what do you think? Do ENTJ + ENTJ relationships work? As a bit of background, he’s a bit older than I am (although you could never tell because he is athletic and brilliant; and quite frankly I didn’t even think of the age difference at first, only that he was incredibly sexy, and that I wanted his big, strong arms wrapped around me :smiley: ). He’s the Chair and brain behind his multi-national consulting firm, and lets his CEO do all his bidding, and day-to-day running of business, while he likes to spend time working on creative projects.

I’ve been quite dominating in all of my relationships, but around him, I feel a bit lost- confused, perhaps. Although he brings out that side of me- the more emotional side, and I can’t help but want to take care of him, although I’m fairly certain he is better equipped to take care of me. He said something once which touched me, and he said, “I’ll take care of the big things, you take care of the little things”. I thought it was so sweet. He has such a protective nature.

We’re not entirely identical though- he is interested in sports and hockey- something which I know nothing about, but have an appreciation for. I similarly have a keen interest in vegetarianism, animal rights and political activism, which he doesn’t, but which I know he appreciates or at least tries to understand as well, since they are a part of my interests, despite the fact that he is very much an omnivore and an NRA member.

So I’m not quite sure how I’ve somehow met this incredible, brilliant, sexy ENTJ male.

So what do you think? What have been your experiences with the ENTJ + ENTJ pairing?


ENTJ men are interested in SP/NF types more i guess.
Next time if you meet an ENTJ man that you find attractive in person, you should sew some string through his nose and take him back home like cattles. More effient than the whole flirting or dating games…anyone would suggest. :mrgreen:


You forgot to hang a bell on his neck. That is in case he got lost and you could easily find him wherever he goes.


Do ENTJ men like to be herded and henpecked that way? :open_mouth:


No. But I would like to see you attempting on doing that. Giving a good challenge. You will be respected alot more if you put up a good fight too.


HE loves that. Probably! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
ENTJ men in general: How about putting a riddle on their back? they love being ridden??? :sunglasses:


TBH, i find ENTJ men the most attractive type of men, including the physical appearance.

  1. square jaw- checked
  2. high straight nose- checked
  3. big smile, full lips-- checked
  4. walking quick-- means quick at thinking and solving problems-- checked
  5. intellectual-- checked
  6. confident-- checked



I presume the women like to be milked daily.


Depends on where that milk comes from i guess. or else they will face the risk of being poisoned!


Oh yes, prominent noses and wide, broad shoulders, & mischievous eyes So sexy. :smiley:


:laughing: I suppose ENTJ men, like ENTJ women, like being cared for, appreciated and shown they are wanted and desired through action, not necessarily words. Although words are nice too.


I think fighting and playing games in seduction rather dull. Perhaps that is my problem. I’m only turned on by witty banter, sexual teasing, kindness and emotional support.

Not really into negging a potential date nor making him feel as if he has to “conquer” me aside from sexually, but I rather not get into that on a public forum :mrgreen:

Also a man who has good things to say about his ex is also a nice one. I always run away if a man slags off his ex and blames their relationship problems all on her. Of course, I’ll wonder- does he want his ex back? If his actions and his words match, then I might be more forward. Otherwise, I’ll just stay in the background until his actions prove otherwise.


You such a douche bag.


How do you know whether a man is over his ex or not ( and hence available for new relatiionship)? what actions would prove that?
( then you can be sure you are not in his rebound relationship)
I ask this because i find that it always seems that TJ types hold a longer feeling for past relationship, especially when they have been there for a long time. for example it took me 1.5 years to 99% recover from my past relationship.


Who cares if it’s poisoned? I’m going to sell it. I dont care if other people are dead after that. There alot of people on this planet. I’m going to be rich before they all dead.


Sign me up for one of these. I’ll would also like the following options:
a) high iq
b) about 1.82m height
c) not too hairy

I don’t seem to meet ENTJs so much. I only know one male ENTJ personally. He is very successful in his career I mean like really successful. He is not in anyway physically attractive - trust me. None of that square jaw, high straight nose and full lips business. He over indulges a lot and hence the rather large size.

He has great discipline, never say die attitude and lives larger than life. He likes to think that he is great at sizing up people and situations and fast at it. To that end, all I have to say is that I totally totally savoured the genuine shock on this male ENTJ’s face was totally worth it when he discovered that I am an ENTJ. If I was dating him, and he underestimates me like this, I would be out of there as soon as possible. I am extremely feminine looking and I want a man who can see through all that and not judge me solely on the basis of how I look like. To his credit, he also said that he is open to changing his position on situations and people when new data becomes available.

His ego is the size of a intergallectic mother ship that can house 2000 families with full facilities. I also notice this in another well known ENTJ locally. The amount of bragging and lack of sensitivity when they let it rip is really counter productive, because it allienates people rather than rallies people to your cause. I am just saying I don’t think this is endearing in the least. If I dated an ENTJ, this would be the one thing I would look out for.


Understandable. However, I like how you shape his ego in figurative speech.


I think there are tons of white men that are around 1.8m height. Many asian men can reach that height in these days, but still, they cant have the look of being classy as white men. ( especially when they wear suit or shirt- that can show the classy look) ( except west asian men because they share the same body built with white men). That’s why i hardly find asian men physically attractive. Plus the tradition of sexist and bad behaviours from asian men turn me off totally. ( this can be reduced if asian men live in modern society or developed contries, but some parts of them still are ). Hence, i always prefer white men more ( except Russian and German). My favorite list:
2.northern european
3.northern american
4 southern european
5.southern american


I think I know what you mean. Asian men, the Chinese, Japanese and Korean types just don’t look very masculine, compared to white men. I read that African men have 10% higher testosterone levels compared to white men and the above asian fellas have lower levels then black and white men. Testosterone in men = deeper voices, aggression, better muscle tone, manly, and hairier! The strong jawline in males is indeed indicative of higher testosterone levels during adolescence.

I think also that there is a direct relationship between sexism and chavinism in males and the GDP of the country they come from. So basically the males from more developed countries are more pleasant to be with.

I be more concerned about the social economic background of man that I date. Their citizenship is only an issue for purpose of residence. I like the country I reside in currently, though I think there are probably more exciting cities to live in.

Regardless of what I said about the pitfalls of ENTJ men, I do like the drive they have, I know I will be in good hands, I can sit back and let him take charge…



Got to watch my spelling!