ENTJ female totally loving an INTJ male


Please help… The obnoxious, baggy-pantsed males of my generation are very interested in me-- However, the only guy I have ever truly liked is one of my best friends, and also an INTJ. I absolutely love how he wears khakis (religiously) and is so respectful to everyone. I keep sending him signals, like ‘come hither,’ but he’s so introverted and seems so uninterested in a relationship of any sort… sometimes I swear he’s asexual. He always tells me otherwise, but PLEASE can he just show some emotion. Obviously my approach isn’t working too well. I love talking to him, because we’re both on the same intellectual level, but we can’t get any further. Help?


Your INTJ male is really going to respect your command and social ability. If he likes you he will appreciate you making the first move but will want to assume control in the relationship until he becomes uncertain of the social element again and then he will be happy to look to you to lead. You might have to be more obvious about your intentions than you want to and put yourself out on a limb emotionally, but since you are ENTJ you might not have a big problem doing that if he likes you (and he probably does,I have had alot of crushes on ENTJs and not known how to talk to them) it will pay off big time because he will probably start following you around like a puppy.

another thing is if he is young he probably just does not know how to talk to women or people in general. He would totally appreciate you giving him tips on how to be social if you can do it without damaging his huge but fragile ego. you could even get him a book on how to pick up women or something like that