ENTJ Forum From Good to Great: An Elaborate Plan


ENTJ Forum Suggestion
I have been on this forum for just awhile but I have a lot of suggestions. This is what comes to mind even if may be useful or not. I actually have a goal here and that’s to network with interesting people. Very broad term, but I’d like to help out with this process.


Knowledge: ENTJs have similar perspective, tastes, and interests. A group for ENTJ is the best place to learn something about one self. Psychologically, interacting with other people teaches how the world works, but interacting with similar people teaches one how one works.

Reach: I’m hoping this will grow to real life connections around the US. I have some experience on other online networking groups which lead me to networking with a news reporter, humanitarian worker, and etc that have affected my life. This is only to complement my real life connections which I know quite a few successful people.

Moderation: Anonymity may allow for some off-color discussions. Especially reading some of the post that spammed the entire forum by one member, online discussions needs more discretion and probably moderation especially if a person would be less incline to say those things in life. Everyone is already accepting on the net. Some rules to protect respect would further help this.

Reorganization: Reorganization may be needed to encourage a more productive focus. A new forum for intellectual and novel discussion should be made. I wanted to post an interesting technology article but couldn’t find the right place. Also, a focus off of talking about the ENTJ personality and on overall perspective would help IMO.

Quality: The quality of many posts is low based on a couple of variables. The quantity of new post and replies are low. People are not as much engaged on productive topics as much as unproductive topics IMO.

Solution: Improving the Old Model
Old Model: ENTJ Forum is a bad substitute for interactions in real life.
New Model: Having the psychology, technology, and networking infrastructures already in place, ENTJ Forum can support real life interactions with new networks that are out of reach. Popular/private meet ups in larger cities can be arrange when enough members join.

Having been on INTPcentral for five years in my foolish teen years, I believe they have perfected an efficient networking architecture. I knew some of the head members of the forum. These guys weren’t lazy slobs being thrown a pizza in their mom’s dark basement. Many of them had great cash making ideas. One example, a sly INTP was able to push online gambling to the limit and make $200,000 a year until that market dried up. They also hosted meet ups in popular cities for members who enjoyed each other. Also, they have massive membership while producing high quality threads in equal proportions.

Just look at their front page.
It has charts, math, and all the appealing logic.

Their forum lacks one thing. That’s the drive to do or create something. Being their main role as the architects, INTPs are great at sitting back and creating efficient mental model. So let’s imagine what the fusions of two good things would look like.

Here is the current forum template.

This is INTP Central’s template…

Here is a possible reorganization to combine INTPc’s INTP’s architectural insight and the growing ENTJ’s drive here to be productive….

These are just light and easy changes for now. The process of marketing to ENTJs who want to be productive will later be discussed. With my experience in online marketing and INTPcentral, I think this place can turn out to be a great network. If help is required, I’ll be happy to give it. More on this later as I have to get stuff done now!


This is quite interesting - thanks for putting so much thought into it.

Brief reaction (need to look at it at more leisure again):

  • I think ‘I’ forums, like INTPCentral tend to be much busier than E forums, because Is are way more active online, wheras Es are more active offline. Case in point - the INTP group on Facebook is way busier than the ENTJ group, for example. And the ENTJ group on Facebook even has so many other personality types on it.
  • The blog idea seems pretty clever - I’d like to figure out a way to integrate ENTJCentral, ENTJForum and an RSS feed a little easier.
  • Unfortunately, I’m a little too busy in my IRL activities at the moment… and consciously so actually so it may be a little time until I can work on this. But when I do, I will probably circle back with you.

Thanks again!


And thank you for reading an extensive but incomplete plan that I kinda went and dumped here.

I believe we share the same expectations here and a lot can be gained in terms of real life networking opportunities.

This is just my opinion. INTPCentral has a better lay out that allows for wider discussions. Although I suggested using some of their features, there is a bigger picture here that Es will like.

For example, there is a online niche network for expatriate business men. Since expatriates travel all the time, this is the best way they can connect. However, their network is quite valuable in reach and size being that they have business members from all over the place. This is a business network so it’s about being productive. I believe we all like this.

Don’t wanna sound too nerdy here, but the definition of an ENTJ is being busy. This probably means you’re going to be having business projects to do all the time. Although I dumped a lot to read, it’s better going through a piece at a time like right now. This is even better when there is a team to manage one small thing at a time with patience showing the progress.

Whenever you have some quick time to spare. You can immediately contact me on Facebook.