ENTJ -- Great at Entrepreneuring ..Sucks in Business


The thing is … and I must confess… I do not have a verifiable data to certify this … but seems to me the ENTJs would be very good at being Entrepreneurs … but would inherently be so-so … when it comes to being a Businessman .

There’s a lot of difference being an Entrepreneur & a Businessman as we know …

Given the ENTJ personality traits … the Extroversion armed with an Intutive aspect is what I presume a perfect recipe for good Entrepreneurship skills and armed with a Thinking nature & judging things in terms of their merits & objectives … These skill sets do not seem to be the most needed pre-requisite of a businessman whoose primary focus would be comparatively narrow.

Secondly, Entrepreneurship involves a certain element of risk … and the lovely thing is that each Type of the Personalities have a different mechanism to cope or react to the risks. And it is in this regard that I believe an ENTJ’s outlook towards the risk is extremely conducive . Sure… he/she is temperamental … yet they would either seek to nullify it or evolve the risk into an opportunity . Bill Gates is a very good example of this.

Also to me it seems an ENTJ would be best fit for this quote – >>

’ The measure of a man does not lie in mundane things….

A life less ordinary, he would live it large like a King.

Life is beautiful with all its mysterious ways….

Go Jump the Distance before the Pendulum Sways. ’

Need your inputs Friends … Something still feels missing :frowning: !!



I disagree with this. It’s a practice, as with any craft. Sticking around for the more gruelling work of a business isn’t something any type naturally masters. Its part of the mastery curve, learning to stick with something and seeing how the process unfolds. Some receive this knowledge, while others don’t otherwise you’d see 100% of ENTJs wealthy and successful in the eyes of society. However, this simply isn’t the case because potential unrealized is just that.